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Why does Ray Epps get coverage from 60 minutes etc?

My guest today was a freelance reporter in the US capital on January 6, 2021. He wrote almost 10,000 words about what he did that day, and the FBI still tried to get him to admit to a crime he didn’t commit. did. commit to He’s covered trials like Oath Keepers from the courtroom, and that’s why I want to have him on the show.

Now more than ever we need real information about everything, but especially what happened and what didn’t happen on January 6th. Steve Baker is an independent journalist, The Pragmatic Constitutionalist, and is one of the few Americans with the courage to report the truth about what he sees and experiences. He just published an article about Ray Epps that sheds light on why many still believe that Epps is some sort of government agent who instigated at least a large part of the riots that occurred on January 6th.

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