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“Disney+ is popular, but not profitable.” If that’s true, these cuts are sure to do the trick. *Silently watches Disney die* – The Donald – America First

Supporting a company that hates you and actively works to encourage your children…eesh. Okay, it would be like drinking bud light because their commercials were good in the 90’s and early 2000’s or their hot sauce hits the right way for me. Yes, I get it, we’re not perfect, we all support these companies to one degree or another.

Maybe I wouldn’t want to torrent. That makes sense, why risk getting sued and not being able to provide your kids with… watch… a Disney show.

But still, it doesn’t seem puritanical to point it out. This company is LITERALLY saying they need to put more gay content in their shows so your kids don’t identify as gay fast enough. This is… messy. This is not a company you should give ONE dollar to. Forget about ruining Starwars, that’s a whole different topic.

But for the sake of providing solutions instead of complaining, I’ve got it covered: Mickey Mouse comics from France. Yes, Disney gets a cut, but they ended up doing exactly how Disney should treat their products. And at least they have to pay the creators something, while the old shows, aired, 100% profit will wake up Disney. The only way to not pay Woke Disney for old shows is to torrent or get together with a bunch of other parents and buy the dvds and then rip and share them…which you can also torrent on that moment

The Puritan thing might make a little more sense if Disney weren’t LITERAL GROOMERS who want to cut off children’s dicks and mutilate them. LITERALLY. BAD. But of course, supporting them is “reasonable”.

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