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Ukraine’s Asiatic black bear to find sanctuary in Scotland

Following a devastating incident at an occupied Ukrainian zoo, a 12-year-old Asian black bear named Yampil is slated for adoption by the Five Sisters Zoo in Scotland. Yampil was discovered in the deserted Yampil village zoo in Donetsk, which had witnessed the death of almost all of its 200 animals during the Russian occupation in October 2022. The bear had narrowly escaped death after of having suffered a concussion from a nearby shell explosion.

Yampil’s journey to recovery and relocation has been remarkable, with the bear traveling across the European continent from Ukraine to Poland and Belgium. Its final destination will be its new sanctuary located 20 miles west of Edinburgh, Scotland next year.

Highlighting the often-overlooked trauma experienced by animals during wars, Romain Pizzi, Five Sisters’ chief veterinarian, highlighted the deep emotional intelligence of species such as the Asiatic black bear. He discussed Yampil’s trauma and care during a video call from the bear’s current residence at the wildlife rescue charity Natuurhulpcentrum in Belgium.

With Yampil’s traumatic history, the priority is to create a sanctuary in Scotland tailored to their specific needs. Pizzi and Gary Curran, the zoo’s head of carnivores, have already been involved in planning Yampil’s new life. The zoo is aiming to build a £200,000 enclosure for Yampil, appealing for contributions from the public.

The zoo learned of Yampil’s plight through Natuurhulpcentrum, and despite the costs involved, Curran emphasized the commitment to providing Yampil with sanctuary for life. Pizzi characterizes Yampil as a “friendly bear” and expresses hope for his contented future in Scotland, where he can embrace life as “a normal, happy bear”.

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