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A Virginia schoolgirl secretly helped a man “transition” ended up being trafficked, homeless and assaulted…

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There is an absolutely horrific transition story circulating on social media. It’s about a young girl from Virginia named Sage Blair. When Sage was a high school student he suffered from mental illness. She ran away from home and became a victim of sex trafficking in several states. But the truly sad and horrifying part of this story is that the reason Sage ran away was because high school officials encouraged her to transition to “male” and then forgot to report it their guardian grandparents. This predictably led to relentless humiliation, bullying and even threats of rape in her school bathroom.

Here’s what account X was called”Left handed” posted on this nightmare story:

This is Sage Blair.

Her school “transitioned” her to a male without her grandparents/adoptive parents knowing and encouraged her to use the boys’ bathroom despite receiving rape threats.

She had a psychotic breakdown, ran away, was kidnapped, and was raped and sexually abused by several men.

She was eventually rescued, but the public defender claimed the parents weren’t “affirming enough” of their Sage’s gender identity because her grandfather/adoptive father called her “she” when he was overcome with emotion, so the parents couldn’t do it. get her back

She was interned in a juvenile center for boys since she was a “boy” and while there she was again sexually assaulted.

She escaped the facility and was again kidnapped, raped, starved and tortured.

She was eventually rescued and reunited with her parents, but has to go through a lot of therapy for the rest of her life.

The grandparents/adoptive parents are now suing the Virginia school board where it originally started, the school counselors and the public defender.

It’s crazy that Sage had to suffer so much because the school didn’t tell her parents anything at first.

This poor troubled girl was sacrificed by a woke school that cared more about getting progressive points than helping a lost girl find her way.

The New York Post:

Sage, who had a troubled childhood and struggled with mental health issues, began attending Appomattox County High School at age 14 on August 10, 2021, where he began identifying as man, using male pronouns and a male name and using male bathrooms, according to a lawsuit filed by Michele in federal court in Virginia last month.

But despite school staff being actively involved in Sage’s desire to become a boy and aware of the repeated bullying he suffered, they “deliberately concealed” the gender change and did not involve his parents until it was too late and Sage fled. She then ended up being raped by multiple men over the course of months in four different states, the lawsuit alleges.

Just one day into the school year, on August 11, 2021, Sage began to be brutally harassed by boys on her bus who said she looked like a boy, threatened to rape her until she “liked the boys,” threatened to hold her out of the bus window by her hair unless she apologized and threatened to shoot her, telling her they knew where she lived, the lawsuit alleges .

The unnecessary suffering this troubled young woman is going through is unimaginable and could have been completely avoided if the school had prioritized the well-being of a distressed family over the LGBTQ+++ army. The New York Post piece concludes:

As a result of what happened to her, Sage has been diagnosed with Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder “for which she will likely require therapy for the rest of her life,” the lawsuit says, noting that the teenager has been in hospitalized and ambulatory patients. therapies since he returned home.

Another lawyer for Blair, Mary McAlister, told The Post: “All of this could have been avoided if Sage’s parents had been fully informed of her mental state and given the opportunity to provide counseling for mental health needed when he began to question his identity.

“Instead, both the school district and the public defender’s office decided they knew better than the parents. As a result of their arrogance, Sage was victimized multiple times.”

The family is now suing the Appomattox County School Board, the two school counselors and Khan for unspecified damages.

This incident is another example of America’s public schools becoming dangerous and acting like the “cool aunt” who is taking care of the child without the parents knowing. Unfortunately, the only way to stop this potentially deadly behavior is to withdraw your children from public schools or sue them to oblivion.



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