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Baltimore: Proves the Regime Takes Care of Itself, As It Throws Trump to the Wolves…

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The US regime has abandoned all pretense of fairness and impartiality. The facade of a fair and moral system has been shamelessly thrown out the window. Consider the current situation in Baltimore, where disgraced former left-wing prosecutor Marilyn Mosby, embroiled in a fraud trial, is getting special treatment from the regime. They are bending over backwards to ensure their favorable outcome, including a change of venue granted by a left-leaning judge appointed by Biden. This change is justified by the belief that Ms. Mosby would not get a “fair beating” in Baltimore because of his high profile.

Instead, President Trump, arguably the most prominent person in the word, is forced to undergo a show trial in the DC swamp, where almost everyone hates him. Does that sound fair? pff Let freedom ring, right?


Baltimore’s former top prosecutor, who was charged with perjury and mortgage fraud last year, will be tried outside the city because potential jurors may have been biased by extensive media coverage of the case, a federal judge ruled Friday .

During two terms as Baltimore State’s Attorney, Marylin Mosby gained national recognition for her progressive policies and several high-profile decisions, including bringing charges against police officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray in 2015

But she was defeated in a Democratic primary last year after federal prosecutors accused her of lying about suffering financial hardships related to the pandemic so she could withdraw early from her retirement account. He used the money to buy two vacation properties in Florida.

With a trial date set for early November, U.S. District Court Judge Lydia Kay Griggsby granted a motion by Mosby’s defense team to move the case out of Baltimore, an unusual occurrence as attorneys advocates in even more publicized cases have failed to obtain these accommodations. Prosecutors said they were not aware of any other federal cases in Maryland being moved to another court.

Griggsby said the law sets a relatively low bar for such decisions. He also acknowledged the great attention the case has already received locally.

“Some of this pretrial publicity has cast the defendant in a negative light,” he said Friday during a hearing in federal court in Baltimore.

Once again, we see another instance of the left using the judicial system as a weapon, employing a certain set of rules to protect their own while dragging their political enemies to the gallows. The progressive disease has infected our entire judicial system, and if we lose the Supreme Court, it will lead to an alarmingly rapid deterioration of our nation. It is similar to our modern “Alamo”, a critical last stand.



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