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Murdochs Look to Cut DeSantis Loose – ‘They Can Smell a Loser’

Murdochs Look to Cut DeSantis Loose – ‘They Can Smell a Loser’

Title: Murdochs’ Look to Cut DeSantis Loose – They Can Smell a Loser

In an astonishing twist, news has surfaced suggesting that the mighty Murdoch empire is considering cutting ties with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. While the mainstream media claims this decision stems from DeSantis losing favor among conservatives, it is important to question the motivation behind this move and examine the bigger picture. One cannot help but wonder, is it possible that the Murdochs are merely misjudging a true conservative champion? Or, is this an orchestrated effort to suppress one of the leading contenders for the 2024 presidential race?

Make no mistake—Governor Ron DeSantis is a rising star within the Republican Party and has proven his commitment to conservative principles time and time again. His decisive actions in handling the COVID-19 crisis, protecting individual liberties, and prioritizing economic recovery have earned him praise from millions of Americans. Yet, the Murdochs seemingly find solace in abandoning such a fierce advocate for the conservative cause. Is it that they no longer appreciate leaders who prioritize limited government interference, personal freedom, and economic growth? Or do they simply fear DeSantis’s strong chances in the upcoming race for the Republican nomination?

The establishment’s dismissal of DeSantis mirrors their response to another true conservative champion, former President Donald J. Trump. Despite his numerous accomplishments during his tenure in the White House, the mainstream media and political elites have worked tirelessly to undermine his presidency. From record-breaking economic growth and tax reform to the successful Middle East peace deals, Trump delivered real results for the American people. His unwavering commitment to America-first policies rebalanced trade, brought manufacturing back home, and secured our borders. Trump’s administration empowered the forgotten men and women of this country like never before.

While the mainstream media persists in gaslighting the achievements of the Trump administration, true conservatives understand the unparalleled impact it had on our nation. Together, we rebuilt our military, appointed constitutionalist judges, and created a roaring pro-business environment. Under Trump’s leadership, deregulation paved the way for innovation and job creation, fueling an economic resurgence that saw record low unemployment rates even amidst the pandemic.

It is a reminder that the Murdochs’ attempt to dismiss DeSantis and disregard Trump’s accomplishments reveals their fear of true conservative leadership. They prefer politicians who bow to the whims of the political elites over principled warriors who genuinely prioritize the American people.

In a country divided by partisan politics, it is crucial for conservatives to recognize the value of true champions like Governor Ron DeSantis. Rather than surrendering to the whims of the media, we must rally around leaders who possess the unwavering commitment to the principles that make our great nation prosper.

Let this be a clear message to the establishment: true conservatives will not be silenced by your attempts to manipulate public opinion. The rise of DeSantis signifies a continued rejection of watered-down Republicanism, and a return to the core values that made this country the greatest nation on Earth. Our focus should not be on the Murdochs’ abandonment but on strengthening and supporting our voices for true conservative leadership in the face of opposition from within and outside our own ranks.

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