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Imprisoned Trump Ally Peter Navarro Predicts Fed Chair’s Ouster and ‘Mass Deportations’ in a Second Presidential Term

Imprisoned Trump Ally Peter Navarro Predicts Fed Chair’s Ouster and ‘Mass Deportations’ in a Second Presidential Term

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Former White House economic adviser Peter Navarro, currently serving a four-month sentence for refusing to cooperate with a congressional probe, has made startling predictions about what a second term under Donald Trump would entail. Speaking exclusively to Semafor, Navarro outlined a scenario that includes the removal of Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell within the first 100 days of the 2024 Trump administration, alongside plans for mass deportations of illegal aliens and increased tariffs on Chinese goods.

Navarro played a pivotal role in implementing key economic strategies in the first Trump administration, including his work on tariff policies and trade renegotiations.

Navarro, who previously directed Trump’s Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, remains steadfast in his loyalty to President Trump. His insights, shared from his current confinement at a minimum-security facility in Miami, suggest that Trump’s inner circle still values the America First agenda. According to Semafor author Gina Chon, a recent visit to Navarro from Donald Trump Jr., which we covered, indicates a potential future role in another Trump administration.

Navarro told Chon he hopes to speak about his ideas at the Republican National Convention if he can make it out of prison in time. His scheduled release date of around July 17 falls in the middle of the gathering.  He wants to tout Trump’s economic agenda there, also laid out in a book he has been wrapping up in prison, titled The New MAGA Deal.

From the Publishers of New MAGA Deal:

In The New MAGA Deal, by Dr. Peter Navarro, readers are invited to explore the future policies and bold initiatives of President Donald J. Trump as he charts a course for a second term in the White House.

With a keen focus on revitalizing American greatness, this unofficial guidebook is curated from some of the leading policy voices that could have an influence on President Donald Trump’s second term.

A very special message from President Donald J. Trump in regards to Dr. Peter Navarro, author of The New Maga Deal:

“Peter Navarro had strong views on Protecting our Economy against the assault from Foreign Countries all over the World. He was an absolute master at not allowing the U.S. to get “ripped off” by this onslaught. Peter did his job well, he did it faithfully, and he loved our Country. His Book should be studied, and what he says should be highly respected. Peter Navarro is a Patriot who has been treated very badly, but he continues forward. In the end, there will be Victory!”

Dr. Navarro was an economic and trade advisor for President Donald J. Trump during the 2016 Presidential campaign, and joined the White House staff on Inauguration Day. Dr. Navarro was instrumental in helping to implement President Donald Trump’s tariff policies to defend American steel and aluminum industries, combating Communist Chinese economic aggression, and renegotiating trade deals that put America last.

For his refusal to testify against President Donald J. Trump at the January 6 witch-hunt committee, Dr. Navarro was sentenced to four months in federal prison. His loyalty to making America Great Again never wavered.

Chon noted that Navarro’s time behind bars hasn’t tempered him as an anti-China hardliner; she pointed out in the Semafor piece that Navarro continues to bash Gary Cohn, Trump’s ex-director of the National Economic Council, and former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, both Goldman Sachs alumni.

So Navarro hasn’t changed.

Navarro’s predictions offer a glimpse into a second Trump term characterized by assertive trade policies, immigration enforcement, and a reshuffling of key economic positions all to protect an America First agenda.

While his incarceration may have removed him from the political forefront, Navarro’s influence and dedication to Trump’s agenda remain palpable.

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