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Watch: Democrats Finally Admit Biden Knows He's Losing Big: Here's the 'signal' no one can ignore, and their plan to LAUGH it…

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The left is finally admitting that Joe Biden is well aware that he is losing this race, big time. In fact, they point to a flashy “neon sign” that not only shows that Biden is sinking fast, but that he knows it and is desperate enough to attempt a drastic “Hail Mary” move to save him.

President Trump is cleaning up Joe's clock across the country, especially in most swing states.

What is this movement? According to Bill Maher, it's the dreaded debate. And “dreaded” is the word, because Joe Biden's condition has deteriorated to the point where walking and stringing together a sentence is nearly impossible for him. Maher argues that Biden would never have agreed to the debates unless he knew how dire the situation truly is.

And speaking of debates, President Trump is not playing around. He calls for Joe Biden to be drug tested earlier because he, like many Americans, thinks Joe looks high before big events. Take the State of the Union, where Trump claims Biden was “high as a kite.”

This man doesn't blink, and that's not normal.

If you're wondering why the left isn't shaking in its boots, “Morning Joke” Joe Scarborough might have the answer. He spilled the beans, revealing all the aces the Dems have up their sleeve to get a Biden victory, real or not, despite the undeniable fact that the American people don't want him and probably never did. So, no matter how much Biden sinks in the polls, Democrats know he will win. What does that tell you? It looks like a repeat of 2020.

But is Morning Joe just spouting wishful thinking, trying to keep the sparks of hope alive for so many misguided Americans suffering from Stage 5 TDS? Maybe so, but let's leave nothing beyond these power-mad tyrants. There is nothing they won't do to “win”.



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