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HARNWELL: UK Living Standards Slowly Imploding

HARNWELL: UK Living Standards Slowly Imploding

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“The system” is failing.

 It’s been failing for years, but now it is getting beyond the capacity of our ruling globalist elites to hold it all together.

Even in the Medieval Age a sick patient would only be prescribed a few leeches by the village quack.

 In today’s age, the patient was actually perfectly healthy, but has been brought to the edge of death by so many leeches, they equal — if not exceed — the victim’s own body weight.

 The State itself consumes around half of a Western nation’s wealth. And it goes without saying, that wealth is produced — can only be produced — by the productive part of the population i.e. those who work in the private sector.

So everything the State maintains — the aggressive war industry (which somewhat quixotically refers to itself as “defence”), edukashun, public health(s)care, public welfare, roads, the massive army of bureaucrats at the local state and national level etc etc etc — all of a nation’s wealth that is expended in keeping this whole circus going — rests on the shoulders of the tax base of the private sector.

Please don’t respond saying that people who work in the public sector pay taxes too, because they’re just giving back — for purely cosmetic reasons — a proportion of the wealth that our overlords had previously confiscated from the private sector on their behalf.

So there it is. Your ordinary working man and woman has to support the whole weight of the parasite class — the leech class — on their backs.

 And year by year the part of the economy that is confiscated by the leeches gets proportionately larger, and the part of the economy that actually produces gets proportionately smaller. Imagine the health of your cat if Tiddles had a tick that was the same size and weight as the feline itself.

 Something has to give — and I believe you can already hear the creaks as it starts to give way.

 In the UK, my beloved homeland — once the greatest nation on earth but now a failing communist shit-hole — the Resolution Foundation has just updated its annual Living Standards Outlook, finding that UK workers’ standards of living will flatline next year, leaving a projected contraction by 4% of real disposable incomes by the end of the present parliament:

“As Ronald Reagan famously put it in 1980, the answer to “are you better off today than you were four years ago?” is often an important bit of context for voters.”

I want to stress one thing here — this is exclusively the fault of the British establishment, the we’re-the-adults-in-the-room hacks of both parties who have run the nation into the ground with their arrogance and incompetence. Though its always impossible to know with our sociopathic overlords where incompetence ends and bad faith begins.

 It’s time for this entire system to be swept aside, and I believe that moment is coming. Many Brits are ready to vote for something new and exotic. And let’s be honest, even should the outsiders not deliver on everything, they’re not going to do worse job than the present band of psychos.

Benjamin Harnwell is International Editor of Steve Bannon’s WarRoom

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