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Ken Paxton’s legal team is currently taking down the Texas RINOs who impeached him…

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As you probably know, the Republican RINOs in the Texas House have ousted Ken Paxton, arguably the nation’s most popular and effective attorney general. Paxton was laser-focused on challenging the Biden administration at every turn, and not through empty rhetoric or heated tweets, but through old-fashioned traditional litigation. Naturally, the GOP establishment came together to bring him down. The plan for success is that, so far, Paxton has secured the support of eight of the ten Texas senators he will need to overcome this unfair political witch hunt.

Gateway Expert:

There is now an impeachment in the Texas legislature. Attorney General Ken Paxton is being targeted by bribery and other allegations.

But critics have also described the case as primarily political, and as proceedings begin, he already has the support of eight of the 10 state senators he would have to fire.

That’s the number who voted that most of the case should be thrown out because the events happened before their most recent election.

He was voted to trial in the state Senate by a vote in the state House and faces 16 charges related to abuse of office.

A commentary by WND columnist Andy Schlafly charged that the case was an “impeachment ambush” and an “undemocratic assault on the will of the voters.”

Last year he had been returned to the AG’s office by about 800,000 votes.

And there is additional good news. Paxton’s legal team is effectively dismantling the regime RINOs who are protecting Biden and trying to bring Paxton down.

This whole impeachment charade reeks of the same kind of political weaponry aimed at President Trump. The moment someone poses a real threat to the one-party regime, politicians on both sides start turning the wagons. We’re watching it play out with both President Trump and Ken Paxton. Remember, these RINOs are not committed to an America First agenda. They are globalists whose goals align perfectly with the tyrants of the left, and they will do anything to protect their own. The bottom line is this: we won’t really win until we clean the party of these disloyal dirtbags.



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