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Film Trailer | Jim Caviezel’s new project… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

Film Trailer | Jim Caviezel’s new project… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

Today, and I mean right now, there are both US citizens and illegals scooping up these children and placing them into sexual slavery. Sometimes it’s because they’re unaccompanied and intercepted near the border. Sometimes it’s because people show mothers and children good will and then separate them. Because these people are here illegally, they have little to no recourse, particularly when the parents are disposed of.

If these people were in their own communities in safety back in their home country, they might have a chance. But they’re not. The lengths the trafficking animals are willing to go to to enslave children for their pleasure has no bounds. But our borders should.

This is the legacy of the Democrats. This is the legacy of the people who are ideologically subverted and thereby ideological subverters. It takes people like Jim Caviezel to try to raise awareness and stop this and us to raise that awareness with others. When people in favor of open borders talk to you, ask them this question: is it worth the lives of children and the risk to them being kidnapped to not help them where they live? Do you not understand that the road to the permanent Democrat voting block through legalization of these illegals is paved with the bodies of these children who are sexual slaves?

If anyone in the modern era should be canonized, it should be Jim Caviezel. He really is doing God’s work. We owe it to him to buy a ticket and watch this movie, as hard as it was. I can’t remember when a movie trailer brought tears to my eyes but this is it. We face it now and fight the battle in God’s name or we face oblivion.

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