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Romney Tells Some GOP Candidates To Drop Out To Help Beat Donald Trump

Romney Tells Some GOP Candidates To Drop Out To Help Beat Donald Trump

Title: Mitt Romney Urges GOP Candidates to Drop Out and Unify against Donald Trump


In a bold move to thwart the potential nomination of Donald Trump as the Republican Party’s candidate for the 2024 presidential election, former presidential candidate and Utah Senator Mitt Romney has called upon GOP donors to pressure low-polling candidates to drop out of the race. Romney argues that if the field narrows down to a two-person race before Trump solidifies his hold on the nomination, any of the remaining candidates could have a chance to be the party’s nominee. This article explores Romney’s plea and the potential impact it could have on the GOP primary race.

1. The Rise of Donald Trump as the GOP Frontrunner:

Donald Trump has emerged as a formidable force within the Republican Party since his surprising 2016 presidential win. Despite facing numerous controversies and political setbacks during his tenure, Trump retains a significant following among the Republican base. According to a recent Harvard/Harris poll, Trump holds a commanding lead in the GOP primary, placing him in a strong position to secure the party’s nomination.

2. Romney’s Op-Ed and Call to Action:

In an op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal, Mitt Romney urged Republican donors to use their influence to push candidates with no plausible path to victory to drop out of the race by February of the following year, at the latest. Romney stressed that it is essential for Republicans to rally behind a single candidate to present a united front against Trump. He pointed out that in 2016, GOP donors failed to unite around a single candidate, which contributed to Trump’s successful bid for the nomination.

3. The Significance of Republican Megadonors and Influencers:

Romney emphasized the pivotal role that Republican megadonors and influencers can play in shaping the primary race. These individuals have the financial means and influence to sway candidates’ decisions regarding their campaigns. By compelling candidates to withdraw when their chances of securing the nomination are minimal, these mega-donors can shape the playing field and potentially alter the trajectory of the competition.

4. Potential Candidates who May Benefit from Romney’s Call:

Romney’s call to action could prove advantageous to several potential candidates who will need to rally support behind them to have a fighting chance against Trump. Figures such as Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, and others stand to benefit from a narrowed field. By encouraging the withdrawal of lower-polling candidates, they could consolidate their support base and increase their chances of emerging as the party’s alternative to Trump.

5. The Fallout and Potential Backlash:

While Romney’s plea has sparked debate within the Republican Party, it is unclear how receptive candidates and donors will be to his call. Some may view it as an attempt to manipulate the democratic process or as a desperate move to undermine Trump. Additionally, given Trump’s substantial support among the party’s base, there may be backlash against any attempts to thwart his path to the nomination. This article examines potential consequences and possible reactions to Romney’s proposition.


Mitt Romney’s call on Republican donors to pressure low-polling candidates to drop out of the race shines a spotlight on the ongoing battle within the GOP over the potential nomination of Donald Trump in 2024. As the primary race heats up, the decisions made by influential donors and candidates will shape the outcome and potentially redefine the Republican Party’s future. Whether Romney’s plea can pave the way for a unified opposition to Trump or will face significant resistance remains to be seen.

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