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Episode 2709: Lies Of The EPA; The Failing Of The US Navy

In episode 2709 of “60 Minutes,” the show highlighted the lies and failures of both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the United States Navy. The segment shed light on the egregious actions of these organizations, resulting in significant harm to public health and the environment.

The segment began with an exposé on the EPA’s handling of toxic waste at the San Jacinto Waste Pits, located just outside of Houston, Texas. Despite being flagged as a Superfund site in 2008, the EPA repeatedly dragged its feet on clean-up efforts. As a result, cancer-causing toxins such as dioxin have been leaching into the nearby San Jacinto River, posing a grave risk to the health of nearby residents and wildlife.

The EPA’s lax approach has allowed for corporate polluters to engage in rent-seeking behavior, ultimately delaying any meaningful regulatory action. The segment reports that individuals tied to the polluting companies were able to secure key positions at the EPA, effectively putting profit over public health.

The segment then transitions to the failings of the US Navy. The report highlights the disturbing amount of preventable deaths that have occurred on Navy ships in recent years. These deaths have been attributed to lack of proper training, defective equipment and ship malfunctions, among other issues.

One instance cited was the 2017 collision between the USS Fitzgerald and a merchant vessel, resulting in the deaths of seven US Navy sailors. The report highlights how this tragedy was entirely preventable, with crew members failing to perform basic navigation procedures and the ship itself lacking proper warning systems.

The Navy has also been criticized for its handling of numerous sexual assault cases, with reports suggesting that those who report such incidents often face retaliation from commanding officers. The report alleges that higher-ups have prioritized image over accountability, leaving victims with little recourse and allowing this toxic culture to persist.

Overall, the episode serves as a stark reminder that these organizations, tasked with protecting the public and serving our country, have failed in their duties. The lies and failures of the EPA and the US Navy have far-reaching consequences, causing harm not only to the environment and public health but also to the brave men and women who serve in our armed forces.

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