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Did hacker group Anonymous steal secret IDF documents? |

Hacker organization Anonymous issued a statement on Friday saying it has hacked the IDF and will reportedly reveal alleged military documents. It also claims control of 20 gigabytes of data, spanning more than 233,000 documents, including PDFs, Word files, PowerPoint presentations and more.

The video accompanying the hackers shows excerpts of PowerPoint presentations by IDF personnel, with slides bearing logos of the General Staff departments. The authenticity of the documents in the video remains uncertain.

According to IDF security assessments, the likelihood of an actual breach is minimal, suggesting a possible “psychological warfare” tactic by hackers. The IDF computer system is highly secure and classified at various levels. If a breach did occur, it is unlikely that access would have extended directly to IDF computers; instead, the files may have been obtained from civilian computers, potentially in violation of regulations.


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