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Bannon’s WarRoom, Show Clip Roundup 4/19/2024 [AM]

Bannon’s WarRoom, Show Clip Roundup 4/19/2024 [AM]

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Friday, April 19, 2024

Steve Bannon anchored the Friday morning WarRoom program while traveling between the Force Multiplier event in Las Vegas, and Amelia Island, Florida.

The guest discussed various current events, and Bannon continued defending the America First agenda, looking for opportunities with lawmakers like Marjorie Taylor Greene to assert pressure on the Hill for MAGA.

Bannon, with his guests, continues to look for ways to “right this ship” and save the American Republic.


Steve Bannon hit hard on Speaker Mike Johnson and his failures to protect the US Border while funneling money to the Ukraine.

Col. Derek Harvey talked to Bannon about the situation in Ukraine and what Speaker Johnson should do before sending large sums of money to fund the war there.

E.J. Antoni talked about government spending betraying the America First agenda.

Dr. Gina Loudon talked about the process of choosing the Trump jury.

Full show in segments: 

Col. Harvey: “The Russians Do Not Have The Capacity Or The Desire To Expand The Fight Past Ukraine”

Colonel Derek Harvey reflects on geopolitical tensions, mainly focusing on the situation in Ukraine and the strategic interests of various nations. He critiques the allocation of funds toward Ukraine, emphasizing the lack of a coherent strategy to counter the Russian military effectively. Harvey argues against the notion of Russia posing a significant threat beyond Ukraine and highlights the need for a comprehensive approach to international relations.

The conversation then shifts to Israel’s recent strike on Iran. Harvey analyzes its implications and questions the effectiveness of the action in achieving strategic goals. He suggests that the Biden administration’s stance on the matter is influenced by economic concerns rather than geopolitical strategy.

Harvey concludes by advising critical questioning and seeking diverse perspectives on complex issues.

E.J. Antoni Explains How The Government Implicitly Taxes You Through Inflation

E.J. Antoni talked about government spending and the lack of border security measures in proposed budgets, with the looming possibility of another continuing resolution due to disagreements over budgetary figures. Economists express apprehension about the continued acceleration of inflation and the consequences of unchecked spending and borrowing, highlighting the impact on the American middle class.

Both parties are criticized for failing to address the fiscal challenges effectively, with particular focus on the lack of coherent arguments from proponents of the proposed budgets. Attention is drawn to JD Vance’s stance on Ukraine funding and his advocacy for reparations from China, particularly regarding historic investment securities.

The conversation touches on the complexities of international law and financial markets and the need for strong leadership to enforce laws and address fiscal issues. Concerns are raised about the sustainability of current deficit levels and the potential consequences for future generations.

The segment concludes with a discussion about the necessity for Republicans to take a more proactive stance on fiscal responsibility and the challenges they face in doing so.

Steve Bannon On Mike Johnson Promulgating Democrat Rule: “This Is Complete Capitulation”

Bannon talked about recent developments in the House of Representatives, where Democrats are pushing forward with legislation despite concerns from some quarters. Speaker Johnson’s alignment with the Democrats is highlighted as a departure from traditional norms, marking a significant shift in the political landscape.

Attention is drawn to the proposed budget and the lack of focus on border security measures, with criticism directed towards prioritizing spending over essential issues. Bannon raises concerns about misallocating funds, particularly regarding previous appropriations for Ukraine and the perceived lack of accountability.

The segment concludes with a call to action for viewers to stay informed and engaged, focusing on upcoming developments and efforts to promote fiscal responsibility.

Dr. Gina Loudon: How Are The Jurors Supposed To Be Impartial When The Whole System’s Against Trump

Dr. Gina Loudon focused on the details of jury selection for the trial of President Trump and other information of current events for the campaign.

Steve Bannon Applauds Stephen A. Smith For Offering Clear Insight Into Minorities’ Shift To MAGA

Steve Bannon highlighted recent comments made by Stephen A. Smith about President Trump’s recent legal battles.   Bannon talked about the political landscape and the Democrats’ strategy in response to former  Trump’s potential reelection bid. Smith, who is a Democrat criticized Democrats for what he sees as attempts to manipulate the legal system to prevent Trump from running again, despite Trump’s growing popularity in polls.

Bannon praises Smith for providing clear analysis and suggests that Trump’s campaign will shift focus to garner support from communities disillusioned with current political tactics.

The summary also highlights Trump’s recent public appearances, particularly in New York, and suggests a shift in campaign strategy towards grassroots engagement.

Bannon mentions the lack of Republican allies in Congress and the importance of rallying support from grassroots movements.

Giuliani Warns Of NY Jurors Lying About Their Political Affiliation In Order To Join Trump Trial

Andrew Giuliani talked about the process of choosing the jury for the Trump trial.

Get The Best Deals For The WarRoom Posse At MyPillow Today

Mike Lindell talked about the deals for the WarRoom audience at My Pillow.

BREAKING: Rep. MTG Joins Thomas Massie In Plan To Oust Speaker Johnson For Lack Of Action

US Rep talked about her actions against Speaker Mike Johnson.

This newsletter is to implement the work of WarRoom guests. Remember, “Action, Action, Action,” as Steve Bannon reminds us.

(Credit for the Pencil drawing: Chris Hiers)

“I drew for Rush Limbaugh for 20 years, his monthly Limbaugh Letter covers and illustrated his Rush Revere books as well. After he died, I was gutted tbh and decided to return to drawing basics. I have evolved into an old-school pencil portrait artist, and I have 2 books are in the works now, and I feel in a pretty good groove again ,” Hiers said, adding this about the Bannon piece specifically:

“This particular work [Bannon as John Paul Jones] was rooted in a show of support for the “Honey Badger” SKB after he was leaving the courtroom last Sept and he quoted John Paul Jones. “I have not yet…” I thought it would make an interesting piece.”

Now it’s your turn Posse.. go do some action and be a part of your own nation’s history.

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