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Bannon’s WarRoom, Show Clip Roundup 4/19/2024 [PM]

Bannon’s WarRoom, Show Clip Roundup 4/19/2024 [PM]

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Friday, April 19, 2024

Natalie Winters anchored the evening WarRoom program and spoke with guests on various topics pulled from current headlines. Steve Bannon hosted the evening WarRoom Battleground program.


US Rep. Tim Burchett spoke about the government process in DC, calling it a sewer, not a swamp.

Bradley Devlin talked about his newest article at American Conservative and what is unfolding with Speaker Mike Johnson.

Russ Vought talked about the problems with the Uni-party and the process of voting on the Hill for current bills.

Laura Loomer gave details from her week-long reporting at the NYC courthouse, including live reporting about the man who lit himself on fire.  Loomer proved that he was not a supporter of Trump’s.

US Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene talked about her actions to displace Speaker Mike Johnson and the very bold emergence of the UniParty, which refused to address the concerns of the America First agenda.

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Full show in segments:

Rep. Tim Burchett: “I Think What Could Possibly Happen Is We Give The Gavel To Hakeem Jeffries”

Tim Burhett provided an update on the current situation regarding the fiscal packages, expressing concern about the escalating national debt. He criticized allocating additional funds to Ukraine, highlighting the failure of repayment promises. He lamented the lack of accountability among politicians and emphasized the importance of scrutinizing voting records.

The congressman expressed frustration with fellow conservatives who make deals with Democrats and then espouse opposing views publicly. He accused the political establishment of creating distractions, such as the focus on Ukraine’s importance for democracy. He argued against further debt accumulation and warned of the consequences of losing control over government branches.

Bradley Devlin: “Any Republicans Who Side With Democrats Are Committing Political Suicide”

The discussion revolved around Bradley Delvin’s assertion that Speaker Johnson’s replacement could potentially do more harm than Democratic leaders like Hakeem Jeffries.

The conversation touched on the power dynamics within the House of Representatives and the implications of siding with Democrats.

The focus shifted towards the upcoming votes and the possibility of a motion to vacate Speaker Johnson. Speculation arose about the outcome and its impact on Republican unity and governing capabilities leading up to the November election. Additionally, there was mention of strategic considerations from Mar-A-Lago insiders regarding the handling of the situation.

Russ Vought: “They Were Unwilling To Give A Performative Vote That Wasn’t Connected To Ukraine”

The conversation delved into the aftermath of recent events, particularly the Brexit moment and the morning show’s discussion about Republicans’ involvement in driving certain decisions.

Bannon and Vought  had criticism directed towards members of Congress for potentially supporting actions akin to previous lengthy wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, driven by defense contractors.

The discussion highlighted a perceived lack of awareness or engagement with alternative sources of information among certain politicians. Specific attention was paid to Speaker Johnson’s handling of various issues and his alignment with lobbying interests. The impending votes and the possibility of a motion to vacate Speaker Johnson were analyzed, with speculation about the potential fallout and its implications for Republican unity and governance.

The role of grassroots activism and the need for informed engagement were emphasized, along with concerns about leadership’s response to increasing scrutiny and awareness among activists.

Additionally, there was discussion about the arguments put forth by certain members regarding the necessity of specific actions and their alignment with the America First movement and former President Trump’s agenda.

Laura Loomer Details Man Lighting Himself On Fire Outside Of President Trump’s Trial

Laura Loomer provided insight into the incident outside the courthouse, dispelling misconceptions propagated by the media. She described how an individual, later identified as Max Azarella, lit himself on fire in the Trump section, despite being a Bernie Sanders and Obama supporter.

Loomer highlighted the media’s attempt to portray the incident as Trump-induced chaos despite evidence to the contrary. She revealed that NYPD confiscated a sign explicitly anti-Trump but left pamphlets containing Azarella’s manifesto.

Loomer emphasized Azarella’s political orientation and provided details from his social media activity, including posts about rubbing alcohol and lawsuits against the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton.

She concluded by sharing her exclusive video footage and directing viewers to her platforms for further updates.

Col. John Mills: “There Is A Massive Chinese Cyber Attack Ongoing Right Now”

Colonel John Mills discussed the ongoing Chinese cyber attack, referred to as “Vault Typhoon,” which was first publicly reported in May of the previous year. He highlighted key events leading up to the attack, such as the signing of the fiscal year 23 National Defense Authorization Act, which provided support to Taiwan.

Additionally, he mentioned a tabletop exercise called for in the act to test the resilience of domestic critical infrastructure in the event of war with China over Taiwan.

Mills emphasized the seriousness of the situation, noting animated Congressional testimony from NSA Director Jen Easterly and Cyber Command Director.

He criticized the allocation of resources, suggesting that efforts to address other issues, such as investigating January 6th incidents, diverted attention from the Chinese cyber threat. Mills warned of the preparation for war and the placement of malware on domestic critical infrastructure by China, urging the audience to take the threat seriously.

MTG: “Are We A Uniparty With The Democrats, Or Actually A Separate Party?”

The discussion revolved around the potential consequences of challenging Speaker Johnson’s leadership and the arguments for and against such action. The speaker’s perceived failures and the risk of turning over control to Hakeem Jeffries were debated.

Representative Johnson’s handling of legislative processes, particularly regarding a veteran healthcare bill, was scrutinized. The conversation highlighted concerns about the Republican Party’s ability to maintain voter trust and achieve its goals.

Representative Johnson’s perceived alignment with Democrats and his approach to negotiations were criticized. The urgency of addressing pressing issues such as national debt and border security was emphasized. Despite concerns about risking Republican control of the House, there was support for challenging Speaker Johnson’s leadership. The discussion concluded with a call to action for concerned individuals to gather more information about the situation.

Kane: “The Swing State Polls Are Still Looking Good”

The Free Press Citizen at discussed Turning Point’s efforts to secure swing states like Michigan through their “Chase the Vote” initiative.

Charlie Kirk spearheaded this initiative, aiming to raise $100 million for turnout efforts in key counties across seven swing states.

The program has already been launched in Arizona and Wisconsin, with Scott Pressler leading the efforts in Wisconsin.

Today, Turning Point Action announced its expansion into Michigan. While discussing polling data, it was noted that Trump has a chance in these states despite national polls suggesting otherwise. The website, known for its fast loading speed and absence of ads, provides comprehensive analysis and updates on election-related news.

Russ Vought: “These Members Ultimately Believe That This Should Be An Endless War”

Bannon and Vought talked about the frustration among many, which is palpable when they witness their own team engaging in actions like what happened with the Jacob Veterans bill, where it was stripped and replaced with unrelated items.

This tactic, Vought said, undermines trust and leaves people feeling betrayed, especially when it involves prominent figures like Mike Johnson, who is considered a leader in Christian and social movements. According to Bannon, the recent moves regarding the dollarization process, seizing Russian assets, and destabilizing the financial system have only added to the dismay.

Such actions are seen as not only damaging but also as potential acts of war and could have severe consequences for the country. The perceived alignment with the Democratic party on specific issues further erodes confidence in those who claim to champion America First principles.

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(Credit for the Pencil drawing: Chris Hiers)

“I drew for Rush Limbaugh for 20 years, his monthly Limbaugh Letter covers and illustrated his Rush Revere books as well. After he died, I was gutted tbh and decided to return to drawing basics. I have evolved into an old-school pencil portrait artist, and I have 2 books are in the works now, and I feel in a pretty good groove again ,” Hiers said, adding this about the Bannon piece specifically:

“This particular work [Bannon as John Paul Jones] was rooted in a show of support for the “Honey Badger” SKB after he was leaving the courtroom last Sept and he quoted John Paul Jones. “I have not yet…” I thought it would make an interesting piece.”

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