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Bannon’s WarRoom, Show Clip Roundup 5/21/2024 [AM]

Bannon’s WarRoom, Show Clip Roundup 5/21/2024 [AM]

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Monday, May 21, 2024

The cold open featured footage of corporate media discussing details from Monday’s New York City Trump trial court hearings.  Michael Cohen is shown to be a liar and thief, and talking heads talk about the jury’s point of view on Cohen being an impeached witness and getting a free pass on a higher crime than what Trump is being accused of committing.

“America First and American citizens first,” Bannon said-May 21- “You, War Room audinece, are the Vanguard. Every Revolutionary movemement needs a vanguard to keep the action moving ahead.”

Mentioned by Steve: Wednesday event- Invitation to the 4th Conservative Minority Economic Summit in Washington, DC, Steve Bannon Keynote Speaker


Steve Bannon talked about lawfare against President Trump and the process of “De-Trump-ifying” Trump’s next Presidential term. We need an indictment on Alvin Bragg after this case rested. 

Frank Gaffney discussed Klaus Schwab and his group’s project on sovereignty, which opposes Schwab’s globalism and the treaties he is pushing for. He will be livestreaming an event on Thursday. HERE

Joe Rieck from My Patriot Supply talked about his special deals for the WarRoom on emergency products.

Darren Beattie gave his reaction to the Trump Trial resting.

Josh Green talked about his work for Bloomberg and his book, Devil’s Bargain.

Andrew Giuliani reported live from the New York City.

Mike Lindell gave brief updates about the Robin Voss recall in Wisconsin and talked about the Georgia Precinct Project. Lindell talked about a special deal on sheets.

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A Hidden Variable in the Presidential Race: Fears of ‘Trump Forever’ JOSH GREEN SEGMENT 

FBI’s sinister anti-Christian ‘PATCON’ program is the internet’s best kept secret. Until now….DARREN BEATTIE SEGMENT

Voters Prefer Trump Over Biden on Economy. This Data Shows Why-JOSH GREEN SEGMENT

Full show in segments:

Steve Bannon On America First: Mike Johnson “Is Not MAGA. Don’t Think For A Second He’s MAGA”

Steve Bannon discussed the lawfare that faces President Trump, particularly focusing on the efforts to undermine Trump’s presidency and the upcoming elections and afterward when Trump is in office. Bannon highlights ongoing legal battles, including the Fisher case and Michael Cohen’s trial, which he sees as part of a broader effort to discredit Trump.  He also criticizes media coverage and expresses concern about the country’s direction under the current administration. Bannon said he anticipates further challenges and emphasizes the importance of remaining vigilant in the face of what they perceive as attempts to undermine Trump and his agenda.

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Joe Rieck promoted preparedness in uncertain times, emphasizing the importance of self-sufficiency and not relying solely on the government. Rieck discusses a Memorial Day special offer from My Patriot Supply, highlighting products like solar generators and emergency food supplies. He encourages listeners to call the company for advice and assistance in emergency planning. The conversation touches on the changing perception of prepping, with once-mocked practices now being seen as common sense, particularly in areas where people relocate for stability

BREAKING: Frank Gaffney Discusses Word Economic Forum Leader Klaus Schwab Stepping Down

Frank Gaffney announces Klaus Schwab’s resignation and discusses the upcoming Sovereignty Summit, which aims to oppose Schwab’s vision of global governance. Gaffney highlights the dangers posed by Schwab’s ideas, which include undermining national sovereignty and individual freedoms. He emphasizes the need for collective action to resist these efforts and mentions the impact of groups like the Sovereignty Coalition in pushing back against Schwab’s agenda. Gaffney expresses hope for support from figures like Donald Trump and underscores the importance of delaying actions that could further entrench Schwab’s vision.

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Mike Lindell outlines upcoming events, including Supreme Court rulings and trials, and expresses frustration at perceived delays in holding individuals accountable. He stresses the significance of grassroots movements and efforts to influence party conventions. Lindell also talked about special deals for the WarRoom this week.

Donald Trump Jr., Seb Gorka, And More Stand Up For President Trump In New York

Supporters of President Trump held a press conference at the New York City courthouse, where He faced a trial that was exposed as brutal political lawfare. Trump’s allies had harsh words for the process and for the judges who devised confusing cases, apparently just to keep him from campaigning.

Michael Cohen Caught In Major Lie Over Legal Representation Claims, Andrew Giuliani Reports

Andrew Giuliani provides an update on the legal battle involving Costello and Cohen, highlighting potential inconsistencies in Cohen’s testimony. He anticipates closing statements next Tuesday and discusses the judge’s pending decision on a dismissal motion. Giuliani also criticizes Alvin Bragg and suggests indictments against him and Cohen. He concludes by directing viewers to his social media channels for further updates.

FBI’s sinister anti-Christian ‘PATCON’ program is the internet’s best kept secret. Until now….

In their conversation, Steve Bannon and Darren Beattie discuss the notion of a “high water mark” in terms of election theft and censorship, particularly focusing on the tactics employed during the 2020 election. Beattie suggests that 2020 marked a peak for these nefarious tactics, including censorship and election manipulation, and that subsequent attempts, such as coordinated law firms, have failed to match the impact of previous strategies. They also touch on the concept of “patcon,” a historical FBI program aimed at infiltrating and subverting right-wing groups, emphasizing the government’s role in targeting Christian and patriot groups. They highlight the complexity and failure of such programs and discuss the connections to current political persecution of Trump supporters. Beattie directs listeners to for more information and resources.

Steve Bannon: “Nobody Can Defend Cohen.”

In the next 30 days, there’s a focus on legal battles and what’s perceived as a media shift regarding Trump-related cases. There’s frustration over perceived bias in court proceedings and media coverage, with examples cited from recent trials. The upcoming ruling on the FISA case, immunity issues, and an evidentiary hearing are highlighted as crucial moments in what’s described as a buildup toward a climax in legal warfare. The conversation also notes a decline in fundraising for Biden.

Josh Green: Biden Is On Track To Have The Highest Cumulative Inflation Of Any President In 40 Years

Joshua Greene from Bloomberg discusses the impact of populism on both the right and left in the current political landscape. He highlights economic issues as a key factor driving voter sentiment, pointing to per capita disposable income and inflation as significant metrics. Despite positive economic indicators like stock market highs and low unemployment, Greene notes that inflation and sluggish income growth under Biden are fueling public discontent. He also mentions a pivot in messaging from the White House, which seeks to blame corporations for economic woes rather than the administration’s policies. Despite these efforts, Biden’s popularity suffers, evident in polls showing Trump favored over him in handling the economy in battleground states.

“In our movement, the Citizen comes first” -Steve Bannon
This newsletter is to implement the work of WarRoom guests. Remember, “Action, Action, Action,” as  Bannon reminds us.

(Credit for the Pencil drawing: Chris Hiers)

“I drew for Rush Limbaugh for 20 years, his monthly Limbaugh Letter covers and illustrated his Rush Revere books as well. After he died, I was gutted tbh and decided to return to drawing basics. I have evolved into an old-school pencil portrait artist, and I have 2 books are in the works now, and I feel in a pretty good groove again ,” Hiers said, adding this about the Bannon piece specifically:

“This particular work [Bannon as John Paul Jones] was rooted in a show of support for the “Honey Badger” SKB after he was leaving the courtroom last Sept and he quoted John Paul Jones. “I have not yet…” I thought it would make an interesting piece.”

Now it’s your turn, Posse. Take action and be a part of your nation’s history.

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