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Liberal propagandists claim that Tucker launched a new show on Russian TV, CEO Fires Back

Liberal propagandists claim that Tucker launched a new show on Russian TV, CEO Fires Back

In response to allegations circulating in Russian state media, network CEO Tucker Carlson has flatly denied any involvement in an alleged deal to have his programs appear on Russian television.

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The allegations stem from a show called Tucker, airing on Russia 24, which allegedly repurposes old episodes of Carlson's shows from X (formerly Twitter) and YouTube, accompanied by Russian voiceovers. Notably, the first episode and several clips from previous months are now accessible online, Russian state newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports.

6 tips you need to know about the consequences of self-defense, a platform where content from Russian state channels is available, shows an episode presented by Carlson dated May 18 with Russian dubbing. Additionally, the website hosts additional clips from previous interviews conducted by Carlson.

Independent news channel Astra has verified that the show includes the Russian dubbing of Carlson's original US shows and is not content tailored for Russian audiences. During September 2023, Russia 24 aired a trailer for a show featuring Carlson, although the broadcast date was not specified, according to the BBC. Carlson himself denied any knowledge of this development in an interview with The Financial Times.

Neil Patel, CEO of the Tucker Carlson Network, refuted the claims published in Rossiyskaya Gazeta and Astra, suggesting cooperation with the state media channel. In a post on X (formerly Twitter), he stated: “The Tucker Carlson Network has not engaged in any partnership with any nation's state media. Any entity attempting to represent itself as the former Newsweek should have verified with us before publishing, as professional news agencies do.”

Addressing the issue, Dean Thompson, head of programming and production operations for the Tucker Carlson Network, confirmed to Newsweek that reports of a Russian show featuring Carlson have no merit. It stated: “The narrative of a Russian show is completely inaccurate. Any use of our content by this channel is unauthorized.”

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