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Bannon’s WarRoom, Show Clip Roundup 4/23/2024 [AM] Call to Action

Bannon’s WarRoom, Show Clip Roundup 4/23/2024 [AM] Call to Action

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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Cold Opens featured corporate and Independent media footage highlighting the protests and riots arising from student street activism in favor of Hamas at Columbia University and the reaction from Columbia Alumni Robert Kraft.  Footage included police clashes with violent protestors from Monday night.

Bannon revealed the double standard of progressives who, having contributed to the current issues, are now lamenting the victimization of Jewish students. They’ve both financed and vilified those who’ve long been combating these dangerous issues.

Speaker Mike Johnson was also a target of discussion for his actions.

“This is the unwinding of the Progressive World Order,” Bannon said about the hypocrisy of people like Kraft, who lament the terrorism against Jewish students after funding it. 

(WarRoom fun, if you know- you know: Is “Succonded” a real word? )


Steve Bannon confronted the Billionaires who paid for the Sharia usurpations of American Universities and are now crying about the ‘New World Order’ turning on itself.

Ben Bergquam reported live from New York, spending time Monday at Columbia and NYU University, calling what he saw and experienced terrorism. Bergquam also talked about the gag order hearing at Trump’s trial.

Jackie Toboroff spoke about a recent article she wrote about the importance of the symbolism of American flags.

Donna Bergstrom talked about her research from Toboroff’s article and campaign.

Mike Lindell

Derrik Evans spoke about his campaign in West Virginia.

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A Prominent Symbol Of Islam Is Suddenly Flying Across The Nation A Cultural Coup D’Etat (Goes along with Call to Action)

UnitedHealth paid ransom to bad actors, says patient data was compromised in Change Healthcare cyberattack

Call to Action: 

Watch Toboroff and Bergstrom clips, sign: Save Our Flag

Identify other states where the flag is being changed in the article above- call your reps.

Complete the show in segments: 

A Prominent Symbol Of Islam Is Suddenly Flying Across The Nation, Jacqueline Toboroff Reports

Jackie Toboroff expressed concern about the increasing presence of an eight-point star, associated with Islamic symbolism, on flags across various American states and cities. She highlights instances of states like Minnesota and cities including Hutchinson, Kansas, and Aberdeen, South Dakota, incorporating this symbol into their flags.

Toboroff suggested a correlation with Iran’s use of the same symbol on its flag and emphasized the significance of the eight-point star in Islam, particularly at the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.

According to her investigations, statistical analysis reveals a disproportionate prevalence of this symbol in flag designs, leading the speaker to assert that it represents an “Islamic takeover of America” rather than a coincidence.

The conversation concludes with a call to action for political engagement, stressing the importance of voting in upcoming elections to counteract the political trends that could be behind changing the symbolism of American flags.


Donna Bergstrom Breaks Down Ongoing Debate Surrounding The Change Of Minnesota’s Flag

Donna Bergstrom discussed a concerning trend in the United States where some states and cities are replacing the traditional five-point American star on their flags with an eight-point Islamic symbol.

Bergstrom argued that this change is not coincidental and could be part of a larger, nefarious plan. She mentions that the five-point star is unique to American culture, while the eight has significant meaning in Islamic art, culture, and history.

She also expresses concern over the lack of transparency and public input in the decision-making process for changing these flags.


Donor Class Had No Problem Underwriting What Led To The Blatant Antisemitism On College Campuses

Steve Bannon highlighted the conflict between Jewish students and radical Islamic groups at Columbia University. He criticized progressive donors, such as Robert Kraft and Leon Cooperman, for supporting Columbia’s progressive agenda and then being shocked by the anti-Semitic actions of political protestors.  Bannon suggested that these donors must take a more active role in addressing the issue and not rely on education to solve the problem.

Bannon also criticizes the ‘progressive world order’ and its impact on society, including the danger to Jewish students in New York City. He argued that the situation at Columbia results from the progressive agenda and that those who have been warning about this for years have been vilified.  Bannon said he believes the only way to address the issue is for people to take a stand and fight against the radical elements.

Ben Bergquam: “We’re Importing A Generation Of People That Hate This Country”

Ben Bergquam discussed the dangerous situation at Columbia University and other colleges where Jewish students face threats from radical Islamic groups. Bergquam criticized progressive donors, such as Robert Kraft and Leon Cooperman, for supporting the university without addressing the anti-Semitic actions of some students. Bergquam agreed with Bannon, who said that these donors need to take responsibility and actively work to address the issues their support has created.

Bergquam talked about the danger faced by conservative, Christian, and Jewish students on college campuses, comparing it to the risk faced in war zones, and he argued that the threat of violence and intimidation is constant and pervasive on these campuses, making it difficult for students to feel safe and express their views.

Bergquam concluded by emphasizing the importance of recognizing the danger and taking a stand against the radical elements on college campuses and said he believes that the situation at Columbia and other universities is a symptom of a more significant political problem that is only going to get worse as people come into the country through open borders.

Jan 6th Political Prisoner Derrick Evans Joins WV-1 House Race.

Derrick Evans, who is running for office, expressed frustration with the lack of representation by elected officials in his district, particularly in their alignment with the political establishment rather than with the interests of their constituents.

He criticized his opponent for not adequately representing the values of the conservative district they are in and for allegedly misleading voters about an endorsement from President Trump.

Evans says he has shown loyalty to President Trump and commitment to conservative principles, highlighting policy differences with his opponent, such as on issues like Ukraine, abortion funding, and gun laws.

Evans expressed a willingness to debate and hold the incumbent accountable for their voting record right on the WarRoom.

Steve Bannon: “Nobody’s Got Trump’s Back”

Steve Bannon shows frustration over the lack of support for  President Donald Trump from within the Republican establishment and calls for action to defend him.

Bannon criticizes key Republican figures for not taking decisive action to support Trump in his legal battles and political challenges. He emphasizes the importance of standing up for Trump and his America First message, highlighting Trump’s unique ability to connect with ordinary Americans.

Bannon urges Trump supporters to rally behind him and not underestimate the ongoing political battle against the MAGA by the establishment.

The Best Deals In History Only For The WarRoom Posse On MyPillow

Mike Lindell announced two big wins for his company, MyPillow, thanks to the support of the War Room Posse. As a gesture of gratitude, he offered a free USA Revival pillow with any purchase made that day on Lindell highlighted various discounted items for sale, including pillows, dog beds, beach towels, and blankets.

He emphasized that the prices offered to the War Room Posse were the lowest available. Lindell expressed his appreciation for his customers’ support and loyalty, represented by the five-pointed American star, and Steve Bannon contrasted that with an eight-pointed Islamic star.

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“In our movement, the Citizen comes first” -Steve Bannon

This newsletter is to implement the work of WarRoom guests. Remember, “Action, Action, Action,” as  Bannon reminds us.

(Credit for the Pencil drawing: Chris Hiers)

“I drew for Rush Limbaugh for 20 years, his monthly Limbaugh Letter covers and illustrated his Rush Revere books as well. After he died, I was gutted tbh and decided to return to drawing basics. I have evolved into an old-school pencil portrait artist, and I have 2 books are in the works now, and I feel in a pretty good groove again ,” Hiers said, adding this about the Bannon piece specifically:

“This particular work [Bannon as John Paul Jones] was rooted in a show of support for the “Honey Badger” SKB after he was leaving the courtroom last Sept and he quoted John Paul Jones. “I have not yet…” I thought it would make an interesting piece.”

Now it’s your turn Posse.. go do some action and be a part of your own nation’s history.

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