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Criminal Conspiracy Probes Needed by Congress into Shock Revelations about Jack Smith

Criminal Conspiracy Probes Needed by Congress into Shock Revelations about Jack Smith

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Steve Bannon, the host of WarRoom, has been highlighting the need for the US House to start a criminal conspiracy probe to examine President Donald J. Trump’s treatment by Democrat Joe Biden and others. This week, Bannon has accused members of the administrative deep state, including US Rep. Jim Jordon (R-OH), Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), and other Republicans, of failing to uphold the rule of law and neglecting to defend Trump, who remains embroiled in legal proceedings in New York City.

A bombshell exposing a plan that started in 2021 to entrap Trump was dropped on Tuesday and came to Bannon’s WarRoom through investigative reporter Julie Kelly.

For her fuel, Kelly draws attention to newly released documents showing Jack Smith’s responses to Donald Trump’s motion to compel discovery in the classified documents case. The documents reveal Smith’s attempts to deny access to critical information, including evidence of collusion between DOJ and NARA officials.

US Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) reacted to Kelly’s findings, accusing the Special Counsel of leading a cover-up.

Concurrently, Trump faces politically charged SLAPP-style lawsuits and criminal charges. At the same time, recent revelations suggest that the Federal government has systematically targeted Trump for years, orchestrating what Bannon terms “Lawfare” – a strategy aimed at subjecting him to egregious abuses.

Now, Judge Cannon has made bombshell revelations from court documents transparent to the public, even as corporate media are targeting her.

Kelly’s findings suggest a coordinated effort to use lawfare against President Donald Trump, prompting Bannon’s continued calls for high scrutiny that could lead to potential criminal conspiracy investigations by the US House.

Kelly’s revelations gained significant traction this week on Twitter after she posted viral content on Monday unveiling key evidence related to a classified documents case.

The unredacted documents likely expose collaboration between the Biden White House and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to construct a case against Trump.

As a 2024 presidential candidate, Trump has faced a barrage of legal maneuvers aimed at impeding his campaign efforts. Kelly’s investigation uncovers a scheme, obviously designed to drain Trump’s energy and resources, hindering his ability to campaign effectively against Biden.

It is noteworthy that despite Kelly’s extensive coverage and viral tweets, Republican leadership has remained silent, failing to address this significant issue, igniting red-hot anger from Bannon.

Kelly told Bannon on Tuesday that the uncovered plan to disable Trump with such tactics dates back to 2021 and involves numerous individuals. Special Counsel Jack Smith’s alleged efforts to conceal evidence in the classified documents case further underscore the depth of the scheme.

Smith’s apparent justification for keeping evidence of collusion between DOJ and NARA officials under wraps, citing the intelligence community as a “victim” of Trump, raises further questions about the integrity of the investigation, according to Kelly.

Despite extensive cooperation between the DOJ and NARA, Kelly said that the government’s subpoena of NARA for additional documents in May 2023 revealed 19 responsive documents related to the Crossfire Hurricane and the John Durham investigation, adding another layer of complexity to the case.

Key Points:  Kelly characterized the whole report posting, “Outrageous lies by Joe Biden, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and DOJ/Jack Smith about “independence” from investigations into Trump. The Biden White House and DOJ wew intimately involved in developing a criminal case against Trump for records mismanagement–it appears the first go-around related to alleged “destruction” of government papers. Contrary to public and legal assertions, NARA was working with DOJ/White House to craft a criminal referral by Sept. 2021–FIVE MONTHS before the “official” referral by NARA to DOJ in Feb 2022. (Govt redactions on left, newly unredacted filing on right.)”

Here are Kelly’s critical tweets on the topic:

For the fuller context of Kelly’s report, watch Julie Kelly’s report on Tuesday WarRoom program:

Julie Kelly Explains How Intelligence Agencies Manufactured A Coup Against President Trump

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