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White boys are now gaming the affirmative action system and winning big….

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We all know the world is descending into utter chaos thanks to twisted progressive policies, but here’s the real news: There are a lot of really smart white guys who are actually harnessing this turmoil instead of being obstacles to it. How do they do this, you may ask? They are working smart within this crazy progressive system and reaping the benefits!

Not long ago, Revolver explored the idea of ​​gaming the affirmative action system. We first raised this idea in a piece highlighting the story of a college student named Kaitlyn Younger. Despite her outstanding academic achievements, Kaitlyn’s journey led her to Arizona State University after being rejected by Ivy League institutions and some University of California campuses. Unfortunately, Kaitlyn didn’t “game” the system. She played by the rules and paid the price.


Instead of an accounting club, [Kaitlyn] should have founded a movement for racial justice post-George Floyd. Instead of being presumptively straight, he needed to make LGBTQ+ a core part of his identity and at least call himself bisexual, like 12.5 percent of Harvard’s last class.

But the best thing Kaitlyn could have done to improve her admissions cycle was to simply not be white. The only reason Kaitlyn is stuck at ASU, rather than automatically admitted to the Ivy of her choice, is because of her skin color. For decades, without regard to all principles of equality or judging humans as individuals, America’s elite colleges have systematically treated some races favorably and others unfavorably, based solely on skin color It’s not even in contention.

In the face of such blatant hatred from the elites who rule her, the best Kaitlyn Younger could do is refuse to play such a rigged game. Younger people, and all other Kulak Americans, should rebel against an unjust and discriminatory system by lying about their race whenever possible.

Last October, a survey made the rounds online. According to the survey, a full third of whites already lie about their race on college applications, mostly by inventing false American Indian ancestry:

An Intelligent survey found that 34 percent of white students applying to colleges and universities falsely claimed to be a racial minority on their application.

The publication found that 81 percent of students who faked minority status did so to improve their chances of being accepted. Fifty percent of students who lied said they did it to get minority-focused financial aid.

The majority of students, 48 ​​percent, claimed to be Native American on their application. Thirteen percent falsely marked themselves as Latino, while 10 percent falsely claimed they were black. Nine percent of respondents lied that they were Asian or Pacific Islander.

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Hey, if Elizabeth Warren can do it, so can you!

Now, it looks like men are taking our advice and playing the system and winning big. This recent story from Norway shows that if you use the left’s own weapons against them, you can come out on top.


A male student in Norway took advantage of the country’s lenient gender self-identification laws to gain admission to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The student said changing her gender in order to gain extra admission points was “as easy as changing mobile phone plans”.

According to their website, NTNU has a “development plan for gender equality and diversity” in which they state that “… there is a gender imbalance in many disciplines and women are still underrepresented in academic positions top notch.”

To combat the overrepresentation of one sex in various programs, the University has adopted a unique policy to award those applying as “female” additional points for admission in cases where the program has a gender imbalance extreme The policy does not apply to programs where there is no gender imbalance.

The authorities approved the policy and the points system was introduced ahead of this year’s intake.

It turns out that changing your gender is an easy 7-week process. The Redux the piece continues:

According to Finansavisen, an unnamed male student took advantage of the policy after failing to meet merit-based standards. Seeking to gain additional admission points, the student changed his gender marker, which allowed him to collect enough points to be admitted to the Industrial Economics and Technology Management (Indøk) program. The program had a bonus of two “gender points” for “female” applicants.

Speaking to Finansavisen, the student said changing her gender marker in order to gain admission was “as easy” as changing her phone plan.

“It took approximately 7 weeks for the gender change to be completed,” said the student, who also claimed that other male students have also “changed their legal gender” to secure their own places at the University .

Is this an ideal situation? No, of course not. It’s absolute madness. However, working within the chaos and madness can help you achieve your goals as we continue to fight diligently against this twisted perversion that has permeated our society.



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