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Democrats are warning that Garland’s appointment of a special counsel in the Hunter Biden Probe is a big mistake

Democrats are warning that Garland’s appointment of a special counsel in the Hunter Biden Probe is a big mistake

The radical left is apoplectic that the attorney general’s appointment of a special counsel in the Hunter Biden case could provide a windfall for Joe Biden’s presidential rival, Donald Trump.

NBC, in a bogus “report” that attempts to cover President Biden despite his documented involvement in his son’s corrupt business dealings, cites the concerns of radical Democratic activists.

“It creates a Hillary email vibe again and creates a false equivalency between the very real attacks on American democracy that Trump committed and much lower things in this case that will muddy the waters for the 2024 election “, he said. Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

But one Democratic strategist tried to spin the imbroglio into one that has nothing to do with Joe Biden, which is patently false.

“Hunter Biden’s special counsel changes absolutely nothing,” said Democratic strategist Michael Starr Hopkins. “Republicans have been using Hunter as a vessel to investigate the president for the past four years. There is no substantial evidence of any wrongdoing.”

Hopkins had a little advice for the Democratic party faithful: ignore the president’s scandals and continue attacking Donald Trump.

“The president should stay above the fray, focus on his administration’s victories and remind voters how chaotic and dangerous a return to Trump would be,” he said.

Scott Rogers, 47, a software engineer from St. Louis and an independent voter, was in the Grand Canyon, claimed he had no idea what all the fuss was about.

“I hear everyone clamoring for their laptop,” Rogers said. “I don’t know what’s on his laptop. I hear people screaming for Burisma,” the Ukrainian energy company where Hunter Biden served on the board. “I don’t know what happened in Burisma. I see no substance behind the allegations. I know he has an addiction problem, but he’s not the president. He does not hold a political position. So, for me, it’s neither here nor there. If I start hearing about corruption directly from Joe Biden, that might open my eyes.”

But Rich Thau, president of research firm Engagious, said voters are having trouble sustaining all of Trump’s politicized accusations.

“Swing voters are already struggling to keep up with Trump’s dizzying impeachment numbers. Add Hunter Biden’s difficulties to the mix in 2024, and those voters may experience vertigo,” he said.


Joe Biden discussed Burisma with Hunter Biden associate before his infamous ultimatum to fire Ukrainian prosecutor

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