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WATCH: SNL Takes On George Santos’ Lying Series

WATCH: SNL Takes On George Santos’ Lying Series

Saturday night live rRep. George Santos (R-NY) repeatedly took his streak of lies to task in his first episode of 2023, dedicating his cold open and a Weekend Update segment to the truth-challenged lawmaker .

The cold open featured Bowen Yang’s Santos moonlighting as a sideline reporter for Fox Sports’ NFL postgame show. He was introduced as a rookie with an impressive resume, including the achievement of having more championships than Tom Brady.


“George Santos here, reporting live from the Super Bowl,” said Santos, while covering the Philadelphia Eagles-New York Giants game.

“Now George, first of all, congratulations on an incredible career,” James Austin Johnson’s Jimmy Johnson said at the time, referring to Santos’ alleged athletic history. “I didn’t even know you played football, but I see here you were the first player to lead the league in passing and rushing.”

Santos responded by calling himself “kind of the real Bo Jackson,” before claiming to be “the first African-American quarterback to ever dunk a football.” Asked by Molly Kearney’s Terry Bradshaw where he played college football, Santos replied, “college college.”

Going into the game recap, Santos took credit for the Eagles’ 38-7 win over the Giants before claiming he was responsible for a series of impossible stats.

When Mikey Day’s Howie Long began questioning Santos’ credibility, the scandal-plagued politician responded with a twist, saying, “I didn’t drag in Brazil under the name Kitara Ravache. Who did, though he was very, very good at it. and won many, many contests.”

Hours before the sketch aired, the real Santos admitted to dressing up in drag at a festival in Brazil when he confronted a reporter at New York’s La Guardia Airport. He had been dogged by reports this week that he performed at Brazilian pageants, claims he denied even though photos of him in the clothes circulated. Santos is openly gay, but he supports laws that many LGBT activists oppose, such as a Florida bill that would ban schools from discussing sex and gender with children under third grade.

The cold open was brought back to the NFL by Fox’s in-studio hosts, as another sideline reporter was brought in to replace Yang’s Santos, though not for long. Santos quickly returned without flinching, this time dragged as Kitara Ravache. The controversial congressman then listed another round of statistics about his drag performances.

“Let’s take a break,” Long said then, trying to get Santos off camera, “But it’s official, the Eagles are moving on and George Santos represents America and he can vote on wars.”

The sketch comedy show wasn’t done with Santos after the cold open, with Yang reappearing in her non-drag guise during Weekend Update. Anchor Colin Jost grilled Santos unapologetically about his litany of false claims and asked him if he was a pathological liar.

Santos repeatedly stopped the interview to take phone calls from Madonna and told Jost that her grandparents escaped the Holocaust and met Anne Frank.


“My ancestors were the ones who told him, ‘You should write this,'” the fabulist congressman claimed.

“That can’t be true, George,” replied Jost. “People need to know who you are.”

Santos pushed back, claiming that SNL made him take a lie detector test to prove he was honest before going on the show. He then reached into his pocket to retrieve the results, but pulled out a rapid COVID-19 test.

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