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Vegas Baby! (Or “Hawaii” from South Korea): These are the busiest air routes in the world and in the United States

Vegas Baby! (Or “Hawaii” from South Korea): These are the busiest air routes in the world and in the United States

The busiest air routes in the world are all domestic flights. However, the frequent flyer nation of the The United States cannot sustain the high demand for air travel in Asia.

There, the busiest route has the capacity to carry more than three times as many people in a month as the busiest route in the United States.

Data published during the month of April by the air travel analysis firm OAG show this the route connecting Gimpo Airport to South Korea’s capital Seoul and the country’s Jeju Island is the busiest in the world.

The “Hawaii of South Korea” is popular among domestic tourists.

You can find more infographics at Statista

Among the most traveled routes in the world and in the United States, tourist and entertainment destinations appear repeatedly, while island locations also have an advantage.

This includes the world’s second busiest route between Tokyo and Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, a year-round tourist destination.

In the US, the two most flown routes connect Los Angeles and Las Vegas, as well as two Hawaiian islands.

Some island routes have also popularized short flights, as land transport is not an option or is the more complicated, longer and more expensive option. Although the inter-Hawaiian route is the shortest in the ranking, the world’s busiest leg between Seoul and Jeju Island is the third shortest. The flight path that connects the largest cities in the United States at a distance of almost 2,500 miles is unusual in this regard. Since the most popular overland air routes are typically 400 to 700 miles long, the inclusion of the JFK-LAX route highlights America’s extraordinary reliance on air travel to keep the country connected.

International flights are a more expensive and sometimes more complicated form of travel and therefore attract fewer passengers.

The busiest route this April connects the Egyptian capital Cairo with Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, the gateway to the Muslim pilgrimage site Mecca.

This month (which enters the Hajj season) almost 450,000 people will fly the route, even more than on the busiest trip in the United States.

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