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US tells citizens to leave Russia ‘immediately’ – THANKS JOE! – The Donald – America First

US tells citizens to leave Russia ‘immediately’ – THANKS JOE!  – The Donald – America First

“The United States told American citizens in Russia on Monday to leave ‘immediately’ because of the risk of illegal detention or harassment by Russian authorities.”

Don’t throw stones when you live in glass houses. We keep hearing about January 6. What really happened?

FBI agents, instigators and collaborators like Ray Epps are on video encouraging people to come forward “go to the capitol” We also have video footage of the fences being pulled down while the legitimate former and current president still gave his speech; were those legitimate supporters or was it the government itself? The protesters threw the book at them to cross a fence they knew nothing about. Their Eight Amendment right against cruel and unusual punishment was violated when they were held in solitary confinement and withheld medicine. Their Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial was violated when they were, and in some cases still are, without a trial. They are then subjected to kangaroo courts by a biased judge and jury “of their peers” who happen to be 95% Democrats in DC.

Who opened the magnetically locked doors to let the protesters into the building?

Why did so many Capitol Police “kill themselves” immediately after the event? How come all the political enemies like Epstein or James McAfee keep killing themselves?

The president requested the presence of the national guard that day. Rejected by Democrats Nancy Pelosi and DC Mayor. Then, as the protesters entered the capitol, Nancy Pelosi had a camera crew ready to go. What a convenient coincidence.

Why is it when the Democrats do the same or, worse, let them off the hook?

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