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UK Government Seeks To End “End-to-End” Encryption Messaging

UK Government Seeks To End “End-to-End” Encryption Messaging

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The covid plandemic should have woken even the most naive and trusting person out of their complacent slumber.

The brazen lies that touched the lives of everyone on the planet followed by the even more brazen gaslighting when those lies were exposed as such caused more people to start thinking for themselves than all of the very fine libertarian books I have on my bookshelf added together.

Thats because the shit had just got real.

The Wuhan wet-market. Flatten the Curve. Safe and effective. We were told so many lies.

Governments raw, naked malevolence was on full exhibition for all to see. The totalitarians among us revelled in the display of one unprecedented outrageous powerplay after another. Compulsory vaccinations. Experimental medicines. Whole nations under house arrest.

On the other hand, lovers of personal liberty watched, observed, and took quiet note. We will never forget.

One undoubted grace was the ability to share the truth directly with others. Not so much on the social platforms. The then Facebook and the others covered themselves with eternal ignominy along with the MSM with their cowardly purveying of our overlordsofficially-approved lies while at the same time suppressing the actual truth under the justification fake news.

No. Our salvation was the free speech platforms like gettr, gab, telegram, signal etc.

These were the almost-literally only means with which we could still communicate the truth under the regime of lies during the manufactured crisis.

So it should come as no surprise whatsoever that our masters want to suppress our ability to do so again, the next time they do this.

Under the guise of protecting childrenour sociopathic overlords who are ironically enough almost all tied one way or another to Epsteins Island are trying to force the free speech apps to introduce technology to allow the much prized end-to-end encryption protections to be broken in order to root out images of child sex abuse. Presumably they want a monopoly over such images for themselves.

Folks end-to-end encryption is pretty much the only real practical privacy we have left. And as covid demonstrated, this is not a hypothetical argument.


If we lose the ability to communicate privately with one another, who knows the lies they will tell when their next plandemic drops or more immediately what they will try in November 2024.

Please see my post on gettr for more information. And PLEASE help me get this message out! The fight starts now.

And stay tuned, because my cynical beady eyes will be following this like a hawk

Benjamin Harnwell is International Editor of Steve Bannon’s WarRoom

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