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Gavin Newsom announces he will NOT run in 2024, calls Kamala ‘natural successor’ to Biden

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, long thought to be Democrats’ secret weapon against Donald Trump in 2024, announced Friday that he is no presidential candidate in 2024, and that Vice President Kamala Harris is Biden’s “natural successor.”

“We’ve got to get past this idea that he’s not going to run,” Newsom said NBC News’ Chuck Todd, adding: “President Biden will run and we hope he will be re-elected. I think there’s been a lot of wallowing in the last few months, and cracks in that regard. But we are preparing for the campaign. We are looking forward to it.

“I think the vice president is naturally the one lined up” to run after Biden, he said, noting, “maybe I’m a little old-fashioned, you know, about presidents and vice presidents. I was Lt. governor, so I’m a little subjective,” he continued.

Asked if he could imagine running against her, Newsom replied, “Of course not. By definition It won’t happen. But we’ve said it 1,000 times. In private we continue to maintain a very good interpersonal relationship. Just, ‘How are you? Billing.’ It has been a difficult few years with Covid. And we’ve had the opportunity to sit down, have lunch together at the White House, spend time talking about important things.”

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