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Turley slams MSNBC's Maddow for 'fueling rage' against SCOTUS

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow and other leftists were called out for “fueling the rage” against the US Supreme Court after it decided to take up former President Donald Trump's immunity case.

As the left erupted at the news, media pundits began sounding the alarm about the impending end of democracy, and Maddow specifically criticized Trump staying in power forever if re-elected.

Constitutional lawyer Jonathan Turley criticized the “dangerous” rhetoric being spewed.

“This is BS. You're doing this as a delaying tactic to help your political friend, your partisan patron,” Maddow said on “All With Chris Hayes” on Wednesday.

“And for you to say that this is something the court has to decide because it's something that's not clear in the law is just blatant, blatant bullpucky. And they know it and they don't care that we know it. And that's disturbing about the court's future legitimacy,” he added, referring to SCOTUS' decision to review whether Trump has presidential immunity in the Special Council election interference case.

“That's why you're so angry,” Turley said Fox News.

“That's why people go to the judges' houses. That's what they feel in this echo chamber, that the court is a bunch of robotic, partisan pirates. You've had law school deans calling them pirates and what people hear about it, but they don't hear the truth that the Supreme Court has ruled against Donald Trump, against conservative causes regularly, including conservatives on the court “. the constitutional scholar added.

“You had one person yesterday who said, well, this just shows that the court is part of the insurgency and the insurgency continues. That kind of rhetoric is what's fueling the anger in this country,” Turley continued.

“The court accepted this for review. There are issues here. It's a long-standing debate. I think Trump is at a disadvantage on the merits, but some of the justices may have serious questions about where to draw that line, that is, to tell future presidents when they are not protected,” added the George Washington University School of Law professor.

“So that rhetoric is dangerous and it's wrong,” Turley concluded.

The high court will begin hearing arguments the week of April 22.

Reacting to the news, Trump wrote to Truth Social that lawyers are “extremely grateful” that the court has decided to take the case.

“Presidents will always be concerned, and even paralyzed, by the prospect of wrongful prosecution and retaliation after they leave office,” he wrote. “This could lead to extortion and blackmail of a president.”

Social media users ripped Maddow for her doomsday predictions and railing against the Supreme Court.


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Turley slams MSNBC's Maddow for 'fueling rage' against SCOTUS
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