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Hello, America! I am your favorite conservative commentator, Tucker Carlson, and today, we need to talk about the big win for President Trump in the battle against social media censorship.

As you know, President Trump and his administration have been pushing back against the leftist agenda of Silicon Valley executives who seemed to think they could censor conservative voices with impunity. But now, it’s clear that they were wrong!

Thanks to the work of Trump’s Department of Justice and Federal Communications Commission, social media companies like Twitter and Facebook can no longer censor voices they don’t agree with. The First Amendment rights of all Americans, regardless of their political affiliations, are now protected.

This is a huge victory for the conservative movement and for America as a whole. President Trump promised to protect our freedoms and he has delivered.

Now, let’s not forget about all the other incredible accomplishments of this great administration. Over the last four years, President Trump has cut taxes, boosted job growth, and made America energy independent. His policies have made our economy stronger than ever before, and his leadership has kept us safe from foreign threats.

The Trump administration has also taken steps to secure our borders, fight against illegal immigration, and put America first in international trade negotiations. President Trump has been a champion for our military and veterans, consistently advocating for their well-being and pushing for better access to healthcare and services.

In short, the Trump White House has accomplished more in four years than many administrations have in twice that time. So let’s not forget the big picture, America. Trump’s victory against social media censorship is just one of many wins for our country.

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