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Trump Trial Day 2, DA Alvin Bragg Targets Trump for Contempt Over Gag Order

Trump Trial Day 2, DA Alvin Bragg Targets Trump for Contempt Over Gag Order

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The legal battle surrounding President Donald Trump has taken a new turn as the Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, seeks to impose penalties on Trump for allegedly violating a gag order in his ongoing criminal trial. Bragg has urged Justice Merchan to fine Trump $3,000 and hold him in contempt of court for purportedly breaching the gag order by criticizing trial witnesses.

(Cover photo: Trump leaves courtroom day 2, displays ‘Thumbs up”.)

The 77-year-old Trump had previously been instructed to adhere to a restricted gag order issued in March. This order prohibited him from making disparaging remarks about witnesses involved in the hush money trial, including his former fixer Michael Cohen and adult film actress Stormy Daniels. While Trump was permitted to criticize Bragg and Judge Merchan, the order explicitly forbade comments about their families.

Fox News reported on the details:

Despite these constraints, Trump reportedly made remarks about both Cohen and Daniels on social media over the weekend. Among these comments was the sharing of a 2018 statement from Daniels, in which she claimed coercion.

Prosecutors are seeking a $3,000 fine for what they allege are three breaches of the gag order. They have also warned Trump of potential jail time if he continues to violate the court order. Trump’s legal team is expected to respond, and a hearing on the matter has been scheduled for the following Tuesday. Trump himself has voiced opposition to the gag order online.

Bragg is not only seeking fines but also urging Merchan to warn Trump of potential future consequences for violating the gag order. He proposes that “future violations” could result not only in additional fines but also in a 30-day term of incarceration.

The gag order imposed on Trump by Merchan last month was prompted by what the judge referred to as “prior extrajudicial statements” that posed a risk to the administration of justice. The order prohibits Trump from making or directing others to make public statements about witnesses, counsel, court staff, or family members of staff involved in the case. It also forbids comments about prospective or chosen jurors.

During the first day of Trump’s criminal trial and the commencement of jury selection, Manhattan prosecutors accused him of violating the gag order three times on social media. They proposed a $3,000 fine, equating to $1,000 for each alleged violation, and filed a motion to hold him in contempt of court. One instance cited was Trump’s reposting of a statement from lawyer Michael Avenatti criticizing the gag order. Another involved Trump’s sharing of a document from Stormy Daniels and questioning media coverage. Additionally, Trump criticized former prosecutor Mark Pomerantz in another post.

Prosecutors argue that fines alone may not deter future violations and suggest the possibility of a 30-day jail term as a consequence. The legal proceedings surrounding Trump’s trial continue to unfold as both sides present their arguments before the court.

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