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Top features to look out for in the latest update

Apple’s newest operating system, iOS17, is now available for iPhone users, packed with innovative features aimed at making the smartphone experience even easier to use.

Users can find the update in their phone’s Settings app, although some prefer to wait for later versions to avoid initial bugs.

Main features of iOS17:

  1. Voicemail and FaceTime Live improvements: The live voicemail feature transcribes voice messages in real time, allowing users to decide to reply while the message is still being left. Missed FaceTime calls? Users can now leave video messages. Plus, FaceTime interactions are livened up with new expressive reactions.
  2. Simplified Siri activation: Say goodbye to “Hey” before “Siri”. This change promotes a smoother interaction with Apple’s voice assistant. Also, Siri can now handle back-to-back queries more easily.
  3. NameDrop and contact poster: Sharing contact information is made easier with NameDrop. Simply bring two iPhones together, like AirDrop, and share them. Additionally, the Contact Poster feature allows users to customize the image displayed during calls, providing a unified look across all calls.
  4. Renewed AutoCorrect: Typing is smoother with autocorrect review. With advanced on-device machine learning, it offers improved word prediction and sentence-level corrections. Users will see real-time text suggestions as they type. The system will also recognize and adapt to individual writing nuances.
  5. Standby mode and daily application: Standby mode transforms iPhone into a display tool when charging, ideal for displaying photos, the clock or widgets. A new Journal app, due later this year, aims to promote awareness through daily journaling.

Apple’s iOS17 promises a transformative experience, with features focused on customization and intuitive interactions. Be sure to explore these and many other improvements with this update.

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