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Tony Bobulinski Offered to Testify at Hunter Biden Grand Jury, Never Heard Back

Tony Bobulinski Offered to Testify at Hunter Biden Grand Jury, Never Heard Back

Title: Tony Bobulinski Offered to Testify at Hunter Biden Grand Jury, Never Heard Back


In recent months, the name Hunter Biden has repeatedly made headlines due to his alleged involvement in controversial business dealings. As new information comes to light, another name has joined the fray: Tony Bobulinski. Bobulinski claims to have firsthand knowledge of Hunter Biden’s business ventures and, in a surprising turn of events, has offered to testify at Hunter Biden’s grand jury. This prompted curiosity about the potential implications of his testimony. However, despite his willingness to cooperate, Bobulinski reported that he had not received any response from the relevant authorities. This article delves into Bobulinski’s offer and the subsequent silence that has left many questioning the transparency of the investigation.

The Offer

Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of Hunter Biden, made it known that he was willing to testify in front of a grand jury concerning their past business dealings. Bobulinski publicly confirmed his offer during an explosive interview on Fox News, where he detailed his involvement in a joint venture with Hunter Biden in 2017 and 2018. He expressed a strong desire to shed light on the Biden family’s business practices, insisting that his testimony would provide invaluable insight into their activities.

Bobulinski’s Claims

In his interview, Bobulinski presented a series of allegations. He claimed that Hunter Biden and their joint venture partners were involved in a massive financial scheme centered around a Chinese energy company. According to Bobulinski, he was brought into the venture to ensure that Hunter Biden’s father, Joe Biden, would benefit from the deals. Furthermore, he alleged that these business dealings had explicit links to foreign governments, which raises concerns about the potential for corruption and conflicts of interest.

Silence Follows

Given the gravity of Bobulinski’s allegations and his willingness to testify, it is surprising that no response has been forthcoming from the authorities regarding his offer. One would assume that if a potential witness steps forward voluntarily, their testimony would be of significant interest to investigators. The apparent lack of action or response raises questions about the transparency and motivation behind the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s business affairs.

Calls for Accountability

In light of Tony Bobulinski’s public statements and offer to testify, various individuals and groups have called for increased transparency and accountability. Critics argue that in order to restore faith in the justice system, it is crucial that Bobulinski’s claims be thoroughly investigated. Some insist that the grand jury should seize this opportunity to question Bobulinski and ascertain the truth behind his allegations, ensuring a comprehensive and fair inquiry into the Biden family’s business activities.


The recent revelation that Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of Hunter Biden, was willing to testify in a grand jury investigation has raised eyebrows. Bobulinski’s claims of involvement in questionable dealings and his subsequent silence from authorities has left many deeply concerned about the transparency and fairness of the investigation. As this story unfolds, it is imperative that the truth prevails and that appropriate action is taken to address any potential wrongdoing. The American public deserves a legal system that examines all evidence impartially, enabling them to make informed decisions about their leaders.

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