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Biden At Risk Of Losing Key Supporter Over Climate Rule

Biden At Risk Of Losing Key Supporter Over Climate Rule

Biden At Risk Of Losing Key Supporter Over Climate Rule

The Biden administration has proposed ambitious climate regulations that aim to make a significant transformation in the U.S. auto industry. These regulations would require two-thirds of new passenger cars and a quarter of new heavy trucks sold in the United States to be all-electric by 2032. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) believes that these rules, if implemented, would help reduce the country’s planet-warming emissions at the necessary pace to combat climate change.

However, the Biden administration is facing backlash from unexpected quarters, including former supporters of Joe Biden and the Democratic party. The United Auto Workers (UAW), a historically liberal labor union that had endorsed Biden in 2020, is one of the groups expressing concern. The UAW’s new president, Shawn Fain, fears that the transition to electric vehicles will result in job losses in the auto industry, as these vehicles require fewer parts and, therefore, fewer workers to build them.

Another group opposing the regulations is the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, a trade group representing the world’s top automakers. They argue that the proposed regulations are unreasonable and unachievable, claiming that they would lead to significant price hikes for vehicles.

The lack of support from these groups, which played a crucial role in Biden’s election victory, could pose challenges for the Democratic party in the upcoming re-election campaign. The UAW, in particular, has decided to hold off on endorsing Biden’s re-election bid due to concerns about the impact of the electric vehicle rule on their workforce.

Public opinion on the phase-out of gas-powered vehicles is also divided. According to a Pew Research Center poll, nearly 60 percent of Americans oppose such a policy, while only 40 percent support it. The divide is even more significant among different political groups, with 76 percent of liberals in favor of a gas-powered vehicle purge compared to only 53 percent of moderate and conservative Democrats.

These sentiments indicate the potential difficulties Biden may face in garnering widespread support for his climate regulations. A significant portion of the public and even members of his own party have reservations about the impact of transitioning to electric vehicles.

For Biden, losing the support of key groups like the UAW not only damages his re-election prospects but also highlights divisions within the Democratic party over climate policies. The transition to electric vehicles, although crucial for combating climate change, must also take into account the concerns of the affected industries and workers. It is a delicate balance that the Biden administration will need to address if they want to maintain broad support for their climate agenda.

In conclusion, while the Biden administration’s proposed climate regulations aim to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles, they have encountered opposition from unexpected sources. The UAW and the Alliance for Automotive Innovation have raised concerns about the impact on jobs and vehicle prices, respectively. Public opinion is also divided, with a majority opposing the phase-out of gas-powered vehicles. These challenges highlight the complex nature of transitioning to a low-carbon economy and the need for careful consideration of the economic and social impacts of such policies.

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