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There is no reason to think… How a leftist debates

There is no reason to think… How a leftist debates

If you’ve spent any time on the rhetorical battlefield with the left, you know from hard experience that sloppy, childish thinking is a cornerstone of their worldview. It’s their bread and butter.

You see, they can’t win in the realm of ideas. They have never been able to win. This is, in large part, why they rely on the judiciary to inflict their misguided ideology on an unwilling populace when they fail again and again to craft legislation that will codify their perfidy into law.

Consider if you will the modern landscape of our current culture war. The left has made a cottage industry out of the last 30 years (plus) of dividing Americans into various fringe categories based on grievance and then pitting the splinters against each other for the left’s own benefit. A big part of this approach is to socialize labels for opposition and then condition the general population with little information to think and use these terms like Pavlov’s dogs salivating when the bell rang.

The academy has become the birthplace of much of this Think Group. Institutions that were once hallmarks of the canon of Western thought are now breeding grounds for identity/grievance politics. Genuinely weighty issues and terms have been trivialized to the point of infantilization to give a historically ignorant, virtue-signaling population the ability to short-circuit their nascent critical thinking skills without the hard intellectual sweat of formulating a position. rationally thought It’s the mental equivalent of your own self-licking ice cream cone.

racist sexist homophobe nazi Show me an issue with real impact and historical gravity and I’ll show you a concept that has been trivialized and overused to the point where it makes little or no sense to the left in this country. And curiously, while the left seeks to appropriate the victimhood that comes from communist and fascist oppression, it carefully avoids the ideals (most of which they historically share) of those who perpetrated the genocide.

However, there are a couple of problems the left has with this approach, dear reader. The first is that many people outside academia who live real lives are not fooled by it. Principled opposition to, for example, campus speech codes; don’t put me in touch with Adolf Hitler. Reasonable people, whose voices are largely unheard on campus and in the media of all kinds, reject such absurd claims.

The second problem is the one I mentioned earlier: the overuse and infantilization of these terms cause them to lose their impact over time. As they are tiredly trotted out, more and more people mistake them for the frivolous argument they are and simply ignore them. This is one of the reasons why the left must continually manufacture new terms and new enemies.

All of which brings me neatly to a wonderful column in The Federalist about the left’s latest and greatest exercise in sloppy thinking: labeling everyone a conspiracy theorist.

Remember when *the unspecified virus of unknown origin* rolled around and someone questioned that narrative? Remember that anyone who wondered about the origins of the virus and speculated that it might have been not only manufactured, but made more virulent by hitherto unknown laboratories, was nothing more than one of those lunatics ranting on the street corner ? Remember how this was continually reinforced by a relentless program to suppress information, including what was considered legitimate sources until they deviated from the established narrative?

And don’t even get me started on vaccines.

Or how about this weird conspiracy theory about Hunter Biden’s laptop? Heck, this was nothing but Russian disinformation and anyone who believed otherwise was obviously way off their rocker. Why would all the media suppress such a major story about the Democratic candidate’s son right before the election? No, surely not. Die that thought friend. You’re seeing things that simply aren’t there.

Take off your tinfoil hat, mate. There really isn’t a group of unelected, power-hungry elitists who want to control every aspect of your daily life, from how you spend your money to how you heat your home to what you’re allowed to eat to introduce global utopia seriously what’s wrong with you

The peaceful transfer of political power is an institution in this right-wing crazy country. How dare you suggest that someone used the “pandemic” as an excuse to tamper with election laws and thereby slander one of our country’s most sacred institutions? Of course, all those voting machine irregularities and lost ballots tilted the results in a very specific direction, but that’s how it goes.

The list could go on and on. You can find example after example right here on the Right Wire Report. And it has gotten so bad that in many cases even traditional trash media as well as trash social networks have had to admit it. It certainly won’t stop them from using the term “conspiracy theorist” when the next little nugget of truth surfaces.

But one thing you can reliably take away from this discussion is this: the louder they scream “conspiracy theorist,” the more scared they are. And the closer you are to the truth.

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