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The truth is finding your way out of Maui thanks to videos like this one…

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Maui, a paradise, is currently shrouded in mystery. A smoky fog has covered the island, both literally and metaphorically. Something seems very “off” about the events before, during and after the fires. Our government officials, from the highest levels down, have acted in alarming ways, even for buffoons known for their incompetence, like Joe Biden and the mayor of Maui. The mayor has really set the bar low by refusing to release the current death toll or talk about the missing children, not to mention the series of idiots in Hawaii state government that put the people with their careless and inept handling of the actual fire and evacuation. Joe Biden showed up a week later and made things worse by insulting and choking everyone repeatedly. These poor people can’t rest.

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There are numerous questions that arise as to how the fires started and why they were allowed to essentially burn the nuts of the climate that did not want to “waste” the holy water. Why did local officials lock people up, instead of helping them get to safety? Is this the reason why so many children are now absent from school? Did the government really allow them to be burned to death? These are the pressing questions people want answers to. I while politicians remain tight-lipped, some truth is seeping out, thanks to videos like this one, showing how Maui residents were literally trapped, like rats in a burning cage, thanks to local officials.

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The government better adapt because while they may be used to sweeping their mistakes and misdeeds under the rug or brushing them off with a silly excuse, that approach won’t work this time. Too many people can see that something is wrong and are looking for the truth. Come hell or high water, what really happened will be known.



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