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Massachusetts police accused of cover-up as they continue to withhold basic information about drowning of Barack Obama’s personal chef |

Massachusetts State Police are covering up information about the drowning of Barack Obama’s personal chef, calling the incident an accident, but continuing to withhold information under the guise of an “ongoing investigation,” DailyMail can reveal. how.

It’s been 11 days since Tafari Campbell drowned in a pond bordering the former president’s estate, but authorities are refusing requests for even basic facts, such as the identity of the only witness and the 911 caller.

The state cites an exemption from the Public Records Act that allows police to withhold any information that could jeopardize an active investigation.

But the head of the region’s First Amendment coalition told that the law is being abused by police as they have already ruled out foul play.

The only pending matter is a toxicology report that could prove whether Campbell had drugs in his system or suffered some kind of medical episode.


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