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The Most Dangerous Time in American History | Thursday of the truth

The Most Dangerous Time in American History |  Thursday of the truth

Rob Maness

Accuse the other side of doing the things you are doing. This age-old tactic is being classically applied in real time, as we have now seen the well-known allegations against former president and leading candidate in the 2024 presidential election, Donald J. Trump. He and his team are accused of conspiring to “steal” the 2020 election for their efforts to legally challenge the results of the Georgia election and of conspiring to overturn the election by legally challenging the states’ electoral college votes where legislators in those states challenged the illegal rules. changes that result in electoral fraud. As absurd as these charges are (and on this show today we’ll show some of the Democratic voter fraud with last week’s news of a 2020 voter fraud investigation in Michigan), this political war that abuses the judicial system by criminalizing the legal political discourse. and actions must be taken seriously and answers must be given. Assured mutual destruction is the only way to end this open war.

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