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The media continues to lie about January 6th even after its narrative is dead

The media continues to lie about January 6th even after its narrative is dead

Rob Maness

In light of Tucker Carslon’s revelation of the once-secret House videos carrying out the narrative of violent insurrection, and I’m on vacation this week, I’m reposting my interview with the great Julie Kelly of the year past

Because? Because you’d be surprised, not really, to see how the media and party members still lie about January 6th. Every J6 political prisoner case should probably be thrown out at this point, given the unethical behavior of the judges, FBI agents, and prosecutors.

Enjoy, and see you next week. Did you know that zero police officers died on January 6, 2021, or even as a result of being injured on that date? Did you know that as many as five protesters died that day and the only one who died from gunfire was an Air Force veteran who was trying to keep people from being violent and not threatening anyone?

Did you know that there were federal agents and informants in the crowd on January 6th? Did you know that of the four defendants tried in the Governor Whitmer kidnapping case, two were acquitted and two could not be convicted because the defense was able to raise an FBI entrapment defense?

You are probably unaware of the truth surrounding these events because the corporate media you watch either doesn’t cover them or lies about the facts when they do.

A consistent example about January 6th is that an insurrection occurred instead of a riot that may have actually been planned and started by the actions of law enforcement and their undercover agents or informants. Not one person has been charged with insurrection, not one.

While the corporate media continues its propaganda narrative to support the establishment powers in DC, other independent investigative journalists are not. Some have done so much research on January 6 that they have even published books about the events.

My guest this week is Julie Kelly, a senior writer at American Greatness and author of JANUARY 6: HOW THE DEMOCRATS USED THE CAPITOL PROTEST TO WAGE A WAR ON TERROR AGAINST THE POLITICAL RIGHT.

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