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The massive cheating scandal reaches the Mexico City Marathon

The famous Mexico City marathon is surrounded by controversy after allegations that thousands of its participants resorted to deception. According to Spanish publication Marca, around 11,000 runners in Mexico City are believed to have taken shortcuts, with some even accused of using bicycles and public transport.

A timing detection system, designed to monitor runners as they pass through various checkpoints during the race, hinted at these discrepancies. If a broker skips a checkpoint, it could indicate possible dishonesty.

Race organizers have validated these concerns, stating: “The Mexico City Sports Institute will take action against any participant in the 2023 Telcel Mexico City XL Marathon who exhibits unsportsmanlike conduct during the event by invalidating the their race times. This marathon is not only a party for the residents of the city, but also a testimony to the profound values ​​of sportsmanship.”

With the marathon holding World Athletics Gold Label status, a certification reserved for events that maintain the highest standards, this scandal is particularly disheartening. It’s not the marathon’s first brush with cheating controversy: In 2017, 6,000 runners were stripped of their medals, and in 2018, 3,090 faced similar consequences. Although some participants attribute these disqualifications to technical errors at checkpoints, World Athletics stands by the event organizers.

Reacting to the incident, the governing body told Sky News: “Although it is unfortunate that cheating surfaces in our sport, many organizers use advanced timing detection systems. The effectiveness of these systems is evident as Mexico City Marathon officials, equipped with precise checkpoints, acted quickly to disqualify dishonest participants.”

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