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The Left Is Wrong: Proof White Americans Have Never Been Less Racist

The Left Is Wrong: Proof White Americans Have Never Been Less Racist

Title: The Left Is Wrong: Proof White Americans Have Never Been Less Racist


In recent years, there has been a prevailing narrative perpetuated by the left that racism is deeply entrenched within white America. However, a closer examination of available data and societal progress reveals a starkly different truth. Contrary to popular belief, white Americans have never been less racist than they are today. This article aims to dismantle the prevailing narrative and present evidence to support this assertion.

1. Historical Context

To dismiss the notion that white Americans are inherently racist, it is crucial to acknowledge America’s unique historical context. While undeniable that the United States has a dark history marred by slavery, segregation, and systemic racism, great strides have been made over the years. Laws, policies, and societal changes have transformed America into a more inclusive and equitable nation.

2. Declining Racism Trends

Various indicators demonstrate a clear decline in racism within white American communities. For instance, interracial marriages have substantially increased in recent decades, demonstrating a growing acceptance and diminishing racial prejudice among white Americans. In 1967, only 3% of marriages were interracial, whereas in 2015, this number rose to 17%, according to Pew Research Center.

Moreover, public opinion polls have consistently shown a significant decrease in racism among white Americans. In a 2017 study by the General Social Survey, only 8% of white Americans considered black Americans as “unintelligent.” This is a dramatic reduction compared to 51% in 1963, displaying the progress made over the years.

3. Support for Equality Measures

Recent movements, such as the Black Lives Matter movement, have highlighted societal injustices and advocated for equal treatment for all. White Americans actively participating in these movements display a commitment to dismantling systemic racism. These alliances and support emphasize the shifting attitudes and increased awareness amongst white Americans.

Furthermore, surveys have illustrated that a majority of white Americans are supportive of policies aimed at reducing racial disparities. A 2020 Pew Research Center survey discovered that 71% of white Americans believe societal discrimination against blacks exists, and 60% believe changes are needed to create equal rights.

4. Changing Political Landscape

The American political landscape has evolved in ways that reflect reduced racism among white Americans. The election of Barack Obama, the nation’s first black president, demonstrates that a significant portion of the white population supported and believed in his leadership irrespective of his race. Obama’s re-election further highlights this trend, as it defies the theory of deeply rooted racism among white Americans.

Similarly, the election of more progressive politicians, both on local and national levels, who champion diversity and equality, reveals that white Americans are increasingly embracing inclusive ideologies and rejecting racist rhetoric.


Contrary to the prevailing narrative perpetuated by the left, white Americans have never been less racist than they are today. Historical context, declining trends of racism, increased support for equality measures, and a changing political landscape all point towards a society that has made significant strides in combating racial prejudice. Acknowledging these shifts is vital to promote unity and foster further progress towards a more inclusive nation for all its citizens.

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