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ICYMI: Now Muslims are “White Supremacists”…

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According to Jen Psaki, the GOP is now “controlling” Muslims (in Canada of all places) and forcing parents concerned about “attacking” the trans movement, who believe they will “come” for their children. Muslims are the new “white supremacists”. This narrative began after Muslim children in Canada stepped on the pride flag. Let’s face it, you can only push people and shove a controversial lifestyle down their throats for so long before you fight back.

Here’s a group of Muslim parents in Ottawa chanting, “Leave the kids alone.”

You can’t blame these parents. We see videos every day of blue-haired teachers pushing their LGBTQ+ ideology on kids or forcing innocent kids to pledge allegiance to the pride flag. It’s no wonder parents are worried.

After all, they are literally telling you that they are coming for your children.

PJ Media:

Alphabet soup people cannot reproduce naturally, thanks to their inherently infertile sexual perversions or genital mutilation. But they are doing their best, or worst, to perpetuate their insanity by indoctrinating young Americans, trying to convince children from infancy to change their “gender,” surgically remove body parts, or define their entire lives by around his “sexual orientation”.

The Daily Caller reported on June 24 about the New York City drag march fanatics who want your kids (at least one protester was almost completely bare-chested):

“We’re here, we’re strangers, we’re coming for your children,” activists shouted as they marched. The marchers gathered at Tompkins Square Park and made their way through the East Village before stopping at the Stonewall Inn. Stonewall Inn, a gay bar, was the site of a police raid that led to violent protests known as the Stonewall Riots in 1969.

Another video taken from the event shows protesters holding signs that read “Groom Cissies” and “Drag isn’t for Cissies.”

As concerns grow about explicit drag events marketed and performed for children, some states are taking steps to ban minors from attending these shows.

Well, former Biden communications professional Jen Psaki has “investigated” and thinks she’s cracked the case. She asserts that it is the GOP that has persuaded Muslims to take issue with the trans movement. Congressman Ro Khanna expressed his opinion on Jen’s theory, laughingly calling it “brilliant”:

Jen calls this latest uprising by the Muslim community nothing more than an old GOP “play” with a new goal.

Naturally, the left will not recognize that the perverted LGBTQ movement is grooming children and that it is perfectly reasonable, acceptable, and admirable for parents to stand up and protect their children from these sexual assaults. Instead, they will paint any concerned parent (white, red, black, brown, or yellow) as “racist” if they dare utter a critical word against the protected LGBTQ+ class.



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