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The latest false accusation proves that the 2020 election was stolen

The latest false accusation proves that the 2020 election was stolen

That, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.-Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776

When the Founding Fathers established the Bill of Rights, they listed freedom of speech and press immediately after freedom of religion. Ultimately, people have the right to express in word and print those truths of faith and conscience to which they subscribe. Every signer of the Constitution and every member of every state assembly that ratified it knew full well that contentious discourse on the issues of the day was sure to follow. However, understanding that a government established by right need not fear vigorous debate, they accepted our National Charter.

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Freedom of speech and even freely expressed protests against perceived wrongdoing by the government pose no inherent threat to it, but only if it seeks to abide legally within the framework established for it in the founding of the Nation . When high officials operate with integrity, no amount of truth can harm them. Indeed, if the government somehow disengages and tries to insulate itself from accountability to the public, a fair rebuke can have a cleansing effect.

Of course, that all changes once efforts to corrupt the scope and function of government come from within. And any honest assessment of the growing monster inside the Beltway must recognize that this milestone passed a long time ago. Today, the efforts of honest Americans, from national figures to farmers and grocers on Main Street, are to figure out how to stop the malignancy that has supplanted government “By, for, and for the people.” The American government is now fully at war with the American people.

In fact, the stage was being set for the past few decades. It’s hard to know exactly when the boundaries of ownership and legality were breached, but by the 1990s, Bill Clinton was already weaponizing the IRS against his political enemies. George W. Bush did little to hold anyone accountable and in fact allowed several corrupt appointees motivated by the Clinton agenda to remain in office. This turned out to be the ugly reality of his “New Tone”.

Of course, it all went on steroids under the totally corrupt and vindictive administration of Barack Obama. While some gullible minions believed that their plans to “fundamentally transform” America would usher in a golden age of socialist “utopia,” the sad reality was a thoroughly corrupt and weaponized DOJ and FBI, along with virtually every other government agency. Now they wreak havoc on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights with each passing day. Clearly, America is no longer the “Land of the Free.” Almost complete transformation!

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However, the evil entity that supplants our Constitutional Republic is hardly invincible. And the increasingly outrageous behavior of his loathsome “inner circle” shows that its members know it. As they become more and more vile and extreme in their actions, they become more paranoid. At this point, the only thing more frightening about an illegitimate government is the general awareness of its illegitimacy among those under it. The latest attacks on President Trump are indisputable proof of this!

From 2016 to the present, leftists, from those little Twitter trolls to candidate Hillary Clinton and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, made regular accusations against President Trump, claiming for every reason nonsense that shouldn’t be in the White House. And while they were upset, they didn’t bother him too much, as he knew his position was secure and he had the national mandate he needed to fulfill his promise to “Make America Great Again.”

Claims that President Trump was legally defeated in an honorable and safe election in 2020 contrast with the obvious absurdities of Biden’s almost non-existent “campaign” as well as the outrageous events of Election Day and the early hours of the morning. after. From that moment on, the leftist/globalist monster who illegally came to power has been on an obsessive quest to silence every threat posed by the slightest hint of his treasonous behavior.

These latest false “accusations” may be totally beyond any sense or reason. However, in one respect, they are entirely predictable. Having committed the most vile attacks on our nation in its history, there is no going back. Leftists have no choice but to keep pushing forward to escape responsibility. So the attacks are an inevitable continuation of the previous crimes and propaganda. A return of the president to the White House in January 2025 would herald the full unmasking of the Deep State and the accountability of those responsible. This is a risk they simply cannot take. Therefore, any means to prevent it is within the realm of possibility.

“Special Counsel” Jack Smith, the current attack dog sent to bring down President Trump (although he is undoubtedly operating under orders from much higher up), is now trying to silence President Trump and all the evidence can discover during the discovery phase. of any upcoming judgment. Leftists viciously attack the President of the United States with every bogus accusation they can come up with and then try to prevent the facts of the situation from ever becoming public!

Predictably, Smith plays the “victim,” claiming that Trump’s warning, “If you come after me, I’m coming after you!” it’s a threat And on that basis, the Swamp seeks to hide his sedition during his first term and the realities of the 2020 election somewhere behind the same closed doors as the “mysterious” death of Seth Rich, the “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein and the kidnapping. of the entire “client list” of perverts and rapists who visited his infamous island. Do we see a pattern here? This outrage is not only against President Trump, but against all honest and decent Americans!

The “Republicans” who ignore the blatant criminality of the DOJ/FBI and join this abomination of justice are either demonstrating their allegiance to the left’s anti-American ideology or are such shameless opportunists that they are willing to see President Trump ousted . , believing that they can then restore their insipid Republican Establishment with their utterly self-serving “Business as Usual.” In any case, the real message Americans should take away from this is that corruption is “bipartisan” and must be eradicated from both sides of the aisle.

Be that as it may, the only benefit of this ugly moment in the course of our Nation is that the mask is being removed from both camps. Leftists can be seen as the looming danger to the American ideal that they are, and the RINO enablers prove to be dupes and lackeys who ultimately do the bidding of the enemy. Looking to the future, neither camp will ever again be able to credibly claim to be the voice of “We the People”.

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