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The Biden regime is welding the illegal alien gates shut

The Biden regime is welding the illegal alien gates shut

In a move that has drawn widespread concern and criticism, the Biden regime reportedly welded open gates along the border wall near Lukevile, Arizona. This latest action appears to be aligned with the regime’s efforts to undo the previous administration’s border security measures. Here is a comprehensive review of the situation.

Arizona border wall gates welded open

According to information from local sources, the gates inside the border wall in Arizona have been welded open, effectively making the barrier useless to prevent illegal entry into the United States. The gates, which had been critical to controlling movement across the border, are now permanently open, allowing unhindered access. The gates were designed to allow the passage of migrating animals and monsoon waters.

Local law enforcement concerns

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The reaction from local law enforcement has been overwhelmingly negative. Sheriffs and border patrol agents, who had been relying on the wall as part of their toolkit to manage border security, now find themselves with reduced control. These professionals, responsible for enforcing immigration laws, have expressed their concern that this measure will lead to an increase in human and drug trafficking.

Political implications

The welding of the border wall gates is seen by many as a direct continuation of the Biden regime’s approach to border security, which has mostly involved rolling back policies put in place by President Trump. Critics argue that this latest move symbolizes the administration’s lack of commitment to securing the border.

Potential impact on border communities

Border communities are likely to feel the most immediate impact of this decision. Many residents of these areas have expressed fear that the open doors will lead to an increase in criminal activity, affecting their safety and the value of their properties.

An ongoing debate

The decision to weld the gates open has reignited the contentious debate about border security in America. Those who favor strict border controls see this as a reckless action that compromises the nation’s security.

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In the coming weeks, this decision will likely remain a central point of political discussion, with ramifications that could influence the course of immigration policy in the United States for years to come.


The welding open of the border wall gates in Arizona represents a sustained assault on the sovereignty of the United States of America by the corrupt Biden regime. With strong opinions on both sides, the nation watches as the consequences of this decision unfold. The debate over border security and immigration policy is far from over, and this latest action only polarizes the issue further. It remains to be seen how this will play out in the larger context of the Biden regime’s intentionally reckless approach to immigration and national security.

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