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‘TRUST IN SCIENCE!’ – Withdrawals of studies increase by 13,650% in 22 years. |

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The number of scientific articles retracted annually rose from just 40 in 2000 to nearly 5,500 in 2022, a 13,650% change over the past 22 years, and researchers estimate that about 100,000 should be retracted surprising each year with more thorough research.

Taking a swipe at the “trust the science” cheerleaders, Retraction Watch co-founders Ivan Oransky and Adam Marcus detail the alarming problems of modern science for the left-wing Guardian newspaper.

The rise in bogus papers is due in part to the fact that scientists are often “forced … to publish papers to win and keep jobs or to be promoted,” leading some to resort to so-called “starvation of paper” that “sell everything from authorship to entire manuscripts to researchers who need to publish so they don’t get lost.”


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