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Tacoma woman sent to county jail for refusing Health Department advice on treatment for alleged illness

Tacoma woman sent to county jail for refusing Health Department advice on treatment for alleged illness

for Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Unelected doctors can arm local “health departments” to jail sick people who choose to refuse a doctor’s medical advice for their supposed ailments, as a current case in Tacoma, Washington illustrates.

Pierce County Superior Court Judge Philip Sorensen issued an arrest warrant for a Tacoma woman this week for allegedly refusing to follow the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department’s advice for treatment of their disease, which they say is “tuberculosis”.

This case is a classic example of how a doctor, in this case Dr. Anthony LT Chen, the Health Director of the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department, who is an unelected politician, can order citizens to take certain treatments doctors for their alleged medical treatments. diseases, and if they disobey, they can get a local judge to order their detention for the purpose of forced medical treatment.

The News Tribune reported:

A Pierce County Superior Court judge issued an arrest warrant Thursday for a Tacoma woman who has refused treatment for tuberculosis for more than a year.

Judge Philip Sorensen also upheld his earlier order requiring the woman to be held in the Pierce County Jail or another qualified facility for treatment and isolation until health officials determine she is safe to be released. .

“Defendant’s objections to the February 24, 2023 order are noted, sustained and insufficient to alter the court’s order,” he wrote in Thursday’s case update.

“The Pierce County Jail shall be authorized to transport (the patient) to an appropriate designated facility within Pierce County, including but not limited to Department of Corrections facilities. Such facility shall accept ( the patient) when the Pierce County Jail application is initiated.”

The Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department said in a statement Thursday: “This patient is still refusing to isolate and receive the treatment he needs to treat his tuberculosis. The civil arrest order … will authorize the law enforcement to arrest her on or after Friday, March 3 and take her to a facility equipped for isolation, testing and treatment.”

He added: “We will continue to work through the court and pursue all our options to protect the community and persuade the patient to voluntarily seek the life-saving treatment he needs.” (Full article.)

Notice the language the “Department of Health” uses to describe its tyrannical martial law like actions: the woman must be arrested and booked into the county jail so she can “voluntarily seek the life-saving treatment she needs “.


What is particularly troubling about this particular case is that the woman in question does not even speak English, and not only was she subject to the action of the Department of Health and the County Judge, but she also had to accept an interpreter only authorized by the Department of Health.

His lawyer has stated that he does not fully understand the situation and denies that he has an illness. The lawyer has also stated that the provincial jail is the wrong place to treat this woman.

Tofflemire suggested that the woman’s lack of recognition and understanding of what she was going through was a major factor in her refusal to voluntarily seek treatment.

Tofflemire’s filing said, “She has not acknowledged the existence of her own medical condition. Because the attorney is obligated to represent the defendant’s stated interest, a guardian ad litem could represent her best interests, which are currently unclear.”

As for the woman not fully understanding the proceedings, the department stated that it had “provided the respondent with copies of all orders in this matter in both English and her native language, a court-certified interpreter has been to every audience’ and that ‘native speakers’. they have attended visits from representatives of the TPCHD and law enforcement.

“Furthermore, in all the hearings attended by the defendant, this court has provided an interpreter who has translated the proceedings for the defendant in real time. Therefore, the defendant has been fully aware of the orders of the court and the reason for these orders.

“Respondent has had the opportunity to comply with this court’s orders to isolate and quarantine in the comfort and privacy of his home for over a year,” it stated, and had repeatedly violated ” by leaving home without seeking treatment for his tuberculosis.” .”

It concluded that “the only viable course of action to protect the public health is to require respondent to undergo treatment at the Pierce County Jail.”

[The Health Department] he also rejected Tofflemire’s claim that prison treatment is inadequate at this time.

“The local health officer, through TPCHD, has approved the Pierce County Jail as an appropriate facility through this petition requesting the detention and treatment of the respondent,” according to the filing. (Source.)

These types of tyrannical actions by local health departments are not new, but because of what the entire country has just been through with COVID over the last 3 years, more and more people are becoming aware that these health departments local health talk more about politics than anything else. they talk about real “health”.

When will we as a society finally start resisting these doctors-turned-politicians and their supposed authority to imprison people, or take away their children, simply for not taking their medical advice?

Eric Reinhart, writing for The Nation, addressed this issue with “Public Health” in an article published this week.

Do you want to fix public health? Stop thinking like a doctor.

A changing of the guard in US public health is imminent, and with it the opportunity to rejuvenate a field in flux.

Anthony Fauci has retired in the shadow of one of the worst preventable disasters in history, and President Biden is moving to make new appointments as he establishes a permanent White House Office of Policy Preparedness and Response in Pandemics.

In doing so, Biden and his advisers must face the fact that the rot in public health is structural: it cannot be cured simply by turning over the puppets who preside over it.

Building an effective national health infrastructure will require confronting the pervasive distortions of public health and remaking leadership appointment systems that have left US public health agencies captive to partisan interests.

Part of what has made public health vulnerable and a game of partisan politics is the gradual medicalization of the field. Consider, for example, the history of the nation’s largest public health agency.

Since 1953, every director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has had a doctor of medicine, or MD, degree as their primary credential, with secondary degrees serving mostly as resume decoration.

Since medical interventions constitute only 10 to 20 percent of modifiable factors affecting health, the background reflected in CDC leadership (and, similarly, in most state public health agencies and local) stand out for their constant prioritization of limited biomedical expertise at the expense of other fields that account for the remaining 80-90% of knowledge relevant to making public health policies.

Physician and public health scholar Milton Roemer once observed that for public health work, “most medical education is irrelevant.”

But neither the irrelevant medical knowledge of doctors nor the relative ignorance of essential fields—labor history, social anthropology, political economy, epidemiology, environmental science—is the most troubling aspect of medical control of public health.

Rather, it is the lack of epistemic humility, which confers an inability to recognize the limits and dangers of clinical reasoning, that often permeates medical training.

Clinical reasoning is not only not the logic of public health at the population level; it is often antithetical to it. (Full article.)

COVID and the use of experimental COVID “vaccines” on the American public, treating us like lab rats, has completely discredited the medical profession, and the last place these criminal doctors should be is in an unelected political office to decide who should go to jail and lose their children for refusing their medical advice, and who shouldn’t.

These doctors are the ones who should be brought before a court on criminal charges, and then imprisoned and banned from practicing “medicine”.

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Posted on March 3, 2023

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