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Skittles Are The Latest Bud Light After Releasing Trans BLM Packaging

Skittles Are The Latest Bud Light After Releasing Trans BLM Packaging

Skittles, the borderline poisonous kids candy, is the latest product to throw all in with wokeness after it released special edition packaging celebrating transgenderism and the Black Lives Matter organisation.

The normal red and rainbow packaging has been replaced with black and white packet replete with a trans flag and the phrase “Black Trans Lives Matter”.

The confectionary, owned by the Wrigley Company, in turn owned by Mars Incorporated, has also whacked a drag queen on the packet for good measure.

The packaging was designed along with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation organisation.

It’s like they’re now actively seeking backlash:

Time for Mars to lose $20 billion?

I’m done with skittles

— Libertarianesque Person (@libertarianesqu) August 11, 2023

The packet also contains the phrase “joy is resistance,” prompting some to ask what actual resistance is taking place:

I keep seeing this language “Resistance”

How does Joy equate Resistance??

— Jen Willi🔑 (@JWill10317) August 11, 2023

They lost a customer who has 4 kids.

— Modern Papist (@ModernPapist) August 11, 2023

I thought skittles was recalled because of toxic food coloring. Guess they’re just toxic all the way around.

— AngelArs (@JusticeForFacts) August 12, 2023



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