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CNN Anchor Shocked As Iowa Voters Tell Him How Much They Distrust CNN’s Propaganda

Support for former President Donald J. Trump runs deep in a key early voting state, and CNN’s John King was stunned when Iowa voters revealed to him just how out of touch the network is with the reality of the land

Kicking off his new series in which he will travel to meet voters to get their perspective on the race as the 2024 election season accelerates, the chief national correspondent and host of “Inside Politics” visited the city of Waterloo where he spoke to conservatives.

The segment got off to a good start for the self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news” when King spoke with a solar panel installer who said business is booming thanks to subsidies and tax credits from ‘green energy from the Biden administration, but that went downhill fast for CNN.

(Video: CNN)

The company’s CEO, Chris Mudd, explained that while he gives President Joe Biden some credit, he’s still a Trump supporter who yearns for a return to sanity in next year’s election and would have preferred that the money for green energy tax credits go instead. spent on a wall on the nation’s porous southern border.

“Do I think Donald Trump is perfect? ​​No,” he told King. “Personally, I’m not a big fan of who he is and what he does and how he lives, but I think the decisions and things he did for our country were good.”

“Why are they attacking him so hard?” Mudd said of the latest indictment of Trump by the Biden regime’s legal assassin, Jack Smith. “Why are they going after this guy so hard? Does everyone really think that everything that happened is exactly how the government is portraying it today? I don’t.

King then spoke to members of the Mudd family who were seated at a long conference table and acknowledged, “Don’t watch and don’t trust CNN.”

“I think he thinks he stole it from him,” Mudd’s older father, Jim Sr., said of Trump’s insistence that the 2020 election was rigged. “And I and a lot of people agree with him.”

Of the Trump prosecutions, the senior noted, “Nothing about this deal is the American way,” having lived in a time when it was a very different country than it is today under the style of government of Biden’s banana republic. “I do not think so.”

But King was completely baffled when he asked for a show of hands of how many members of the Mudd family believed the United States should “support Ukraine in the fight against Putin,” and no one raised theirs.

Another family member’s comments about Biden and Ukraine startled King into a brief moment of silence.

“You don’t have to be that smart to put…connect the dots, do you? Is the war to cover up the sins committed so you can cover your tracks?” he asked, adding: “There is too much money that has been thrown there.”

“You think every NATO country would do what Biden told them because he’s trying to cover up some Hunter Biden trade deal…?” asked the incredulous king.

The man replied: “It all depends on how Zelenskyy, how much dirt Biden has to keep the money.”

The answer left the dazed king shaking his head, before saying “That’s…that’s…that’s out there…”

Chris Mudd asked: “How do you trust when you know the government has shut down Facebook and Twitter and told them not to show certain news?”

Like a typical condescending left-wing elitist, King later mocked Iowa voters when the segment aired Thursday, telling co-host Dana Bash that Trump voters may be “good people,” but that “they believe things that would break our fact.” verification machine,” a laughable statement considering the amount of fake news his employer has consistently churned out over the years.

“When you hear the Ukraine exchange there, it’s like watching the opening of an old Tucker Carlson show. He’s not there anymore, but it is what it is,” King added, sounding incredulous that North -Americans in flyover states who aren’t down with the continued shoveling of billions of dollars into a bloody border conflict on the opposite side of the planet.

“And these are busy people. These are hard-working people. There are too many Democrats who want to say they’re ‘deplorables’ or, you know, ‘why talk to these people.’ There are millions of them,” he added, acknowledging that there are a large number of Americans who are immune to their network’s propaganda.

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