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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer just had his “What’s the Difference?” moment

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer just had his “What’s the Difference?”  moment

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer just said “what difference does it make?” moment

The New York Senate channeled their inner Hillary Clinton and laid out their case for why Americans should ignore Biden’s mounting scandals.

“These investigations don’t matter to the average American people,” he said.

So, according to Democrats, it doesn’t matter if President Biden was behind an international bribery scandal where his family profited from their political influence.

It doesn’t matter if Biden sold influence in Ukraine, where the US is engaged in an unconstitutional proxy war that risks a nuclear exchange with Russia.

Never mind that Biden has signed 44 “aid” packages to Ukraine to benefit a foreign leader who certainly has “dirt” on the President of the United States.

It doesn’t matter if Biden owes them to the Chinese Communists and therefore allowed them to fly a spy balloon over US nuclear missile sites and military bases.

And it doesn’t matter if this is why Biden allowed the Chinese to get away with the Covid lab leak and not say a word as their supervirus spread around the world, killing millions .

And never mind that a special counsel is prosecuting Biden’s election rival over classified documents he had a right to have, while the DOJ turns a blind eye to Biden’s far worse classified documents scandal.

Nor does it matter that Biden’s DOJ colluded with the Manhattan DA’s office so that a partisan Soros prosecutor could make a blatant case against the former president using a new legal theory.

Never mind that Biden’s DOJ is prosecuting his election rival for a riot that Congress, the Capitol Police, the Pentagon, the mayor’s office, and federal law enforcement negligently allowed to happen despite repeated documented warnings.

Never mind that the former president in no way advocated or incited the violence in this event, which was perpetrated by unarmed extremists whose alleged plan was to capture the most powerful government on earth by storming its capitol without permission.

It also doesn’t matter that Biden’s electoral rival is being prosecuted for common political speech where he expressed his legal right to participate in an election, while advocating for everyone to remain peaceful.

Or that Biden’s running mate was only indicted on the RICO charges normally applied to gang members and mobsters for the heinous crime of contesting election results, as Democrats have repeatedly done since year 2000

That’s why investigating Donald Trump for seven years without proving actual crimes is a critical effort to preserve “democracy,” but Biden’s corrupt actions that compromise America’s security “don’t matter.”

Nothing matters to the Democrats except maintaining their power at any cost.


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