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DeSantis Sinks to 8%, With Just 38% of His Backers ‘Certain’ of Their Choice

DeSantis Sinks to 8%, With Just 38% of His Backers ‘Certain’ of Their Choice

Title: DeSantis Sinks to 8%, But True Conservative Values Remain Strong


Welcome to the conservative powerhouse of news analysis, where we examine the hottest political topics through the lens of true conservatism. Today, we shine a light on the recent decline in popularity of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, whose approval rating has dipped to a mere 8%. While the numbers may seem concerning, we must remember that it’s far too early to count him out. Let’s delve into the numbers and discuss why real conservatives should remain hopeful.


With recent polling indicating that only 38% of Governor DeSantis’ backers are certain he is their candidate of choice, some may jump to conclusions and assume his support is waning. However, as a true conservative, I urge caution before abandoning ship. Governor DeSantis has been a champion of conservative principles throughout his tenure, fighting uphill battles against liberal media narratives, Big Tech censorship, and imposing common-sense policies to protect the integrity of our electoral system.

Though concerns over DeSantis’ recent polling numbers are valid, we must remember that these are part of the natural ebb and flow of politics. The Trump administration, for example, faced numerous challenges and bouts of criticism, yet its accomplishments spoke volumes for conservative ideology. Under President Trump’s leadership, our nation witnessed historic tax cuts that fueled economic growth, record-breaking job numbers, a stronger military, renegotiated trade deals to benefit American workers, and bolstered border security to protect our citizens. These achievements are a testament to the power of conservatism in action.

Returning to the present, an analysis of Governor DeSantis’ tenure reveals a commendable track record. Despite relentless attacks from the biased media, DeSantis has successfully enacted legislation to safeguard freedom of speech on college campuses, shield businesses from frivolous COVID-19 lawsuits, and push back against the imposition of critical race theory in our schools. Instead of the feeble capitulation seen by some GOP figures, DeSantis has fearlessly defended conservative principles, earning the respect and admiration of true conservatives.


While Governor Ron DeSantis’ approval ratings may have dipped to 8% and only 38% of his supporters are certain they would back his candidacy, it is vital that we remember that true conservative values are steadfast. As we’ve seen with the accomplishments of the Trump administration, genuine conservatism shines through in the face of adversity. Governor DeSantis has proven his mettle time and again, fighting for the rights and values cherished by real conservatives. So, let’s refrain from counting him out just yet, for our nation needs the unwavering principles and bold leadership he brings to the table.

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