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Russia is preparing for nuclear war

Russia is preparing for nuclear war

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Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

If the news of the past few days is true, it seems that the conflict in Ukraine is on the verge of going nuclear, as Russia prepares for NATO nuclear strikes.

EU creates ‘nuclear’ stockpile on Russian border

Finland to host ‘strategic stockpile’ for nuclear and chemical emergency response


The European Commission announced this Tuesday that it will establish the first strategic reserve of equipment and supplies, available to any member of the EU in response to possible chemical or nuclear incidents. The storage will be located in Finland, not far from the Baltic states.

European Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarcic said the conflict in Ukraine “confirmed the need” to create the stockpile, which “will provide the EU with an important safety net that will enable a rapid and coordinated response at EU level”.

The hoard will include “critical medical countermeasures,” according to EuroNews, including “vaccines and antidotes, medical devices and field response equipment” needed to respond to “biological, radiological and nuclear accidents.”

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‘Extremely dangerous’: Russia reacts to US plans to help attack Crimea

The State Department appeared to confirm that the US is in talks with Ukrainian officials about a possible offensive against the peninsula.

by Dave DeCamp

Russian officials on Thursday reacted to a report by The New York Times that said the United States is warm to the idea of ​​helping Ukraine attack Crimea despite the risk of Russian escalation.

When asked about the report on Wednesday, State Department spokesman Ned Price did not deny its content, saying: “Crimea is Ukraine,” as the US has not recognized Crimea as Russian since which Russia took control of in 2014.

Anatoly Antonov, Russia’s ambassador to the United States, responded to Price’s comments and reports, comparing the plans to potential “terrorist attacks” and warning of escalation.

“The State Department, through out-of-touch claims that ‘Crimea is Ukraine’ and that the Armed Forces of Ukraine can use US weapons to protect its territory, is essentially pushing the Kyiv regime to carry out terrorist attacks in Russia,” Antonov said. he said, according to a press release from the Russian Embassy in the US.

“Hearing these remarks from Washington, the criminals in Kyiv will once again feel total permissiveness. The risks of conflict escalation will only increase,” he added.

In Moscow, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the delivery of US weapons for attacks on “Russian soil” was “extremely dangerous”. The Times report said the Biden administration previously shied away from supporting strikes in Crimea because of the risk of escalation, but concern that Russia is turning to nuclear weapons has eased in Washington even though the risk remains. clearly

“Naturally, the very discussion about the acceptability of supplying Ukraine with weapons that would allow attacks on Russian soil … is potentially extremely dangerous,” Peskov said. “This will mean taking the conflict to a whole new level, which will certainly not bode well for overall European security.”

The US reasoning for being less concerned about escalation is based on the fact that Russia has not used any nuclear weapons so far. But Moscow has shown a willingness to massively escalate the war in response to the attacks in Crimea.

Russia did not launch large-scale missile attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure until October, after the truck bomb attack on the Kerch Bridge, which connects Crimea to the Russian mainland. Since then, bombings have become routine, and millions of Ukrainians struggle to feed and heat their homes.

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Russian Orthodox Church issues ‘end of the world’ warning.

by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News
ZeroHedge News

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church has warned that any attempt to “destroy Russia” by “madmen” trying to impose their values ​​will lead to “the end of the world”.

The comments were made by Patriarch Kirill after a religious service marking the Orthodox Christian holiday of Epiphany.

According to Patriarch Kirill, The “lunatics” are stupid enough to believe that Russia, which “has powerful weapons and is populated by extremely strong people”, can be defeated despite the fact that it “has never yielded to an enemy and had always emerged victorious”.

The church leader also denounced how these “crazy people” were trying to “impose certain values ​​on them that cannot even be called values, so that they would be like everyone else and obey those who have the power to control most of the world.”

“We pray to the Lord to enlighten these madmen and help them understand that any desire to destroy Russia will mean the end of the world.” said Patriarch Kirill.

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev made similar comments when he stated that Russia had “never lost a major conflict on which its fate depended” and that the result of defeat in a conventional war would be the trigger for a nuclear war.

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Pantsir anti-aircraft defense systems erected on various Moscow rooftops

ZeroHedge News

Viral videos and photos show that Russia has installed missile defense systems on several rooftops of buildings in Moscow.

Taking note of some of the photos, The Drive writes that “the Russian military appears to have set up Pantsir air defense systems on top of at least two different government buildings in Moscow, including the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense.”

Pantsir-S1 SAM on the roof of the building of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Frunzenskaya Embankment. January 19, 2023

One video showed very large cranes lifting the entire surface-to-air battery from ground level to the top corner of a sprawling building. The Pantsir system can defend against everything from aircraft missiles to cruise missiles or drones.

The Drive continues: “The official reason for the apparent deployments is unclear, but Ukrainian forces are demonstrated their ability to carry out long-range attacks using various types of drones. There could be other explanations, including this just being part of an ostensible exercise of some kind.”

In recent months, Ukraine has sent deadly drones to an impressive depth of 600 km into Russia to attack the Engels military airfield. This suggests that other cities far from the Ukrainian border could be vulnerable to attack.

The Moscow Times observed that “On Friday, reports emerged that another probable Pantsir-S1 system had been spotted. 10 kilometers from the official residence of President Vladimir Putin in Novo-Ogaryovo, on the outskirts of Moscow this month.”

The report added: “This follows sightings of S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems at a national park and test range north and north-east of Moscow.”

The Kremlin remained mum when asked about the anti-aircraft systems that will be placed on buildings in Moscow on Friday.

Read the full article at ZeroHedge News.

Medvedev warns that Russia’s defeat in Ukraine would mean nuclear war

by ZeroHedge News

Former Russian President and current Security Council Vice President Dmitri Medvedev issued his latest warning to the West on Thursday, saying that if Russia is on the verge of defeat, nuclear war is likely to follow. He made the comments in a post on the Telegram messaging app. “The defeat of a nuclear power in a conventional war can trigger a nuclear war.” he started

“Nuclear powers have never lost major conflicts on which his fate depends” added the former president, who in previous years had been seen as more evil compared to Putin. Medvedev’s comments were in reaction to the news of an important meeting of Western defense leaders scheduled for Friday at Ramstein Air Base in Germany.

Image via AP

“Tomorrow, at NATO’s Ramstein base, senior military leaders will discuss new tactics and strategies, as well as the supply of new heavy weapons and attack systems to Ukraine,” he wrote.

It is expected that the meeting in Germany will involve commanders and military officers from about 50 countriesmost of them come from NATO, and they will try to reach a consensus to move forward in terms of military and strategic support to Ukraine.

The focus of the discussion will be whether it should be provided or not heavy tanks and longer-range missile systems, and there is also the question of aircraft, given Zelensky’s persistent plea to help “close the skies.”

According to at least one prominent international outlet, the Kremlin has backed Medvedev’s ultra-provocative nuclear comments as Western allies prepare for Friday’s meeting:

The Kremlin quickly endorsed Medvedev’s remarks, saying they were in line with Moscow’s principles..

The Moscow Doctrine allows for a nuclear strike after “aggression against the Russian Federation with conventional weapons when the very existence of the state is threatened.”

Medvedev has not been shy about raising the specter of nuclear Armageddon for much of the 11-month conflict. It usually gives voice to the Kremlin’s “worst case” or more escalating thinking in response to Western escalation. His words often represent the “big stick” approach from Moscow’s point of view.

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